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  1. My opponent started TY Hilton (a bum who I drafted and lost me many games early in the season) and freakin Nelson Agholor. He already has 110 points and counting thanks to huge games from Kelce and Montgomery. Rubbing salt in the wound always sucks
  2. Opponent starts the day with a 80 yd TD against me! Now I can turn my phone off and enjoy the day, see you all next year
  3. He definitely benefits from Kittle being out and he is a big part of their offense. He is a fine WR3 for the playoffs.
  4. Agreed. I'm gunning for guys like DK, Jefferson, Lamb, and AJ Brown early next year. Young studs or bust. Doesn't help that the Falcons have nothing to play for, if they were in the hunt for a berth then Julio might be playing this week or next.
  5. Both suck as passers but Hill has more potential than Lamar.
  6. 0.5 PPR 12 man league. Lost Julio for the week so I need to adjust my roster asap! WR3: Lazard or Landry? Lazard has the better matchup but Landry has been getting more targets. FLEX: Hines or Gio: Hines has the higher ceiling but Gio has a dream matchup. WHIR 100%!
  7. Missed out on picking up the Seahawks defense this week (they play the Jets), who were swiftly picked up by my playoff opponent. Now Julio is out against a good matchup. RIP season, at least I clinched a playoff berth.
  8. He made to my do not draft ever again list, congrats.
  9. My options this week are the Ravens or Giants. The Ravens defense has been a disappointment lately while the Giants defense have done a fine job even fantasy wise, so I am leaning towards the G-men but without too much confidence.
  10. Made it with a 7-6 record in my 12 man half ppr league with this team: QB: Herbert RB: Jacobs, McKissic WR: Jones, Beasley (MVP), Aiyuk TE: Gesiki FLEX: Landry K: Carlson DEF: Ravens Bench: Gio, Lazard, T. Hill, J. Smith, Booker, Hines This team is mostly waiver wire pickups, since I drafted old bums like Ryan, Hilton and Ingram. I'm only going after young studs at next years draft.
  11. Please help set up my roster for this weeks playoff game. My league is 12 man 0.5 PPR. My FLEX spot options: A. Jarvis Landry: Targets have been there the past two weeks, but he is facing Baltimore, potentially in the snow B. Nyheim Hines: Easy matchup, but the Colts don't really use him a lot when they are up C. Gio Bernard: Dream matchup, but has done squat the past few weeks, plays for a team with no passing game whatsover I also was debating starting Herbert or Hill at QB, but I think I am set on Herbert for now. WHIR
  12. I don't know if this the worst roster of any winless team ever, but Gase certainly is the worst coach out of any winless team in recent memory. His insistence to run the ball with an ancient Gore over young RB's is bad enough. In addition, look how well D. Parker and Drake have performed once Gase was axed. Since this is the Jets, Lawrence will obviously stay another in school to avoid this abomination of an organization to prevent him from becoming the next Sanchize/Darnold.
  13. I got better options in McKissic and even Bernard (who has a nice matchup against the Boys) so Hines is going back to the bench for my playoff match. The volume isn't there and the TD or bust reality with Hines is far too risky
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