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  1. Probably gonna be snake but once we get 12 I'll poll everyone to see what the consensus wants.. you want in? email me: lsilinsky1228@yahoo.com
  2. Have 4 confirmed. Need 8 more. Email me if interested: lsilinsky1228@yahoo.com entry fee gonna be either $200 or $250
  3. Running a Yahoo 12 man H2H, 11 cat league with the standard 9 plus Free throws made and field goals made. Entry Fee will be between $100-$300 depending on what everyone agrees on. All money will be kept thru leaguesafe. Looking to fill this league up pretty quickly, so if you are interested please email me at: lsilinsky1228@yahoo.com or just respond to this thread. Thanks
  4. Appreciate the response man. But since I'm pretty heavy into dfs I'm only doing 1 league. Trying to find exact settings and I'm not an auction guy. Thanks for reaching out tho.
  5. I emailed you the other day about this lsilinsky1228@yahoo.com.
  6. Looking for big money 11-cat league on Yahoo that has both field goals made and free throws made in addition to the standard 9 cats. Would be fine with any entry fee above $150. If you know of any or are running one please email me at lsilinsky1228@yahoo.com Thanks.
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