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  1. I asked yahoo on twitter to look into it. Maybe some of you guys should do the same. Haha. @yahoofantasyCC
  2. Whoever thinks KAT has already locked up an all NBA team clearly has no idea WTF they're talking about. Joker, Embiid, Gobert, KAT, Vucevic, Lamarcus Aldridge all candidates. I agree that KAT should make the 2nd or 3rd team, but nothing is locked whatsoever. SMH
  3. He makes 32 mil if he makes an all NBA team, so he has every incentive to play
  4. Alvin Gentry? Or Bballshinobi? I'll ride with AG. IF they do end up shutting him down early, ill be the first one to let you know you were right.
  5. Oh I didn't lose Jrue, I just added him, and my playoffs don't start until March 18, and I have a first round bye. I don't see Gentry as much of a PR person, but we will see. You guys are too caught up in this tanking conspiracy especially when the rules changed this year and a few losses here and there don't effect anything. Good luck bro.
  6. Whatever makes you feel better man. Only time will tell. Sorry I completely disagree with your analysis.
  7. So while you guys continue to argue about stuff that means nothing to no one , ill just leave this right here: David M. Grubb‏ @DMGrubb FollowFollow @DMGrubb More “If it were up to him, he would play tonight.” - Alvin Gentry on Jrue Holiday’s status. Gentry holding firm on 7-10 day timetable so no further injury can occur.
  8. He needs to come off the bench for him to be a fantasy asset it seems like. Jokic dominates the ball with the first team, hopefully Millsap can dominate the ball with the 2nd team.
  9. He literally doesn't even touch the ball on offense, am I right? SMH. I believe I was dead wrong when I said he would be alright earlier. My apologies.
  10. I wish that could be true. Theres no chance Dantoni runs him at PF.
  11. I understand, but we're comparing Burke to Frank. Frank still hasn't developed a consistent offensive game, Trey is a proven bucket getter. So their "attack modes" are different. I don't think he's going to score 29 a game obviously, but I can see him averaging 15ppg ROS.
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