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  1. Yeah he’s annoying to own if you’re not punting TO. I only need AST and STL from him he can give me 0s everywhere else for all I are and I think those 2 cats + nominal points should be there
  2. How did this dude manage to get more TOs than assists?
  3. I really thought I had a steal grabbing this dude but damn, gonna have to drop him soon. The blocks are great but literally everything else sucks.
  4. Chose Kenyon Martin Jr over him this morning 🤦🏽‍♂️ hope he’s still there tomorrow
  5. 3s are so cheap on the wire. I’d rather he keep his high FG%
  6. Did the injury look bad? Is he back in?
  7. Y’all hype everybody then they suck lol
  8. Man this dude is killing me. Anyone watching the games? Is he missing his usual shots or is something else wrong
  9. Honestly, I only watched the last 8 minutes and that lineup was complete garbage. Especially taj Gibson and Payton.
  10. Thibs is hands down the worst ******** coach. Makes sense he’s a perfect pairing for the worst franchise. His closing lineup today: Taj Gibson, Randle, Payton, Rose, Barett they made mistakes over and over threw the game away but he just stuck with them. Payton is dreadful. Gibson?!?! Is it 2013? Rose is washed. What the f--- is going on.
  11. Look at his stats anytime he has gotten over 25MPG. He has been nothing but garbage, I wouldn’t waste an add
  12. This dude is out of the ROY race. Has a bright future but way too inconsistent this year
  13. I don’t understand how you can be on the floor for 10 minutes and only get 1 rebound and take 1 shot. What exactly are you doing?
  14. Seriously f--- this guy lol I literally just dropped him and he decides to be useful. I can’t even pick him back up cause he’s on waivers
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