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  1. Pretty much a wash to me. I lean Gurley because of the offense in ATL. But it's close.
  2. Yep, you get the best player in the deal. I'd do it. My only concern would be the downgrade at WR with Godwin hurt again. But I'd still probably do it. Help with mine?
  3. HPPR. My Woods and Gaskin for his DJ Moore and Antonio Gibson? Which side would you rather have?
  4. No way you're getting Kamara. Hes the best player in fantasy right now. Your RBs are fine. Mixon will have better days, just have to play matchups a little bit. Robinson has shown hes a strong RB2 at this point. Help with mine?
  5. Goff and Minshew. Wentz looks terrible, has a hurt O-line, and no weapons to throw to. Help with mine?
  6. Hold him. He doesnt have the name value to get you anything you'll want and his target volume will be huge all season because they have nobody else. Haskins sucks but hes going to look at Terry every single snap. Help with mine?
  7. That would be a terrible trade. At his best, Ridley is the 2nd look in that offense. With Julio there he'll never get the targets needed to match Adams or Thomas. Help with mine?
  8. Yep. Gibson could be a RB2 if he starts getting more touches but it wont be more a while until they trust him more and realize Barber is garbage. Looking at your WR2 (Landry), you definitely need the WR help more than a depth RB. Do it. Help with mine?
  9. Trade 1: Normally I would like this but your WRs arent great so losing Diggs hurts. Still, fine trade as Taylor should be a beast. Trade 2: I like it. Moore has started slow but should pick up. Drees and Watson are close. Trade 3: Dont like this. Deebo is coming off an injury that usually players struggle even once returning and arent normal again for about a year. Johnson isnt great but his workload is guaranteed and he has a relatively safe floor. Plus, Texans schedule is going to get easy now for the next couple of weeks. Help with mine?
  10. 2QB league I've been offered Watson for Brees. What do you guys think? Brees has better weapons in a better offense but his arm is gone and they are a run first team now. HIs only good scoring game this season has been when Kamara goes nuclear from a dump off. Watson has no weapons and is on an awful team, but is the better QB and to win they'll need him to throw the ball and make plays. Thoughts? WHIR.
  11. 2 QB league, I have both and can only keep 1 as my QB3. Who do I keep? Herbert looked good but it was only 1 game and Tyrod may still be the starter. Jones has been awful but the Giants schedule has been rough. Thoughts? WHIR.
  12. Dont burn anything on Lewis. Freeman is expected to sign in NY soon. He'll be the guy (because of his contract). Lewis will never be more than the 3rd down guy there. It would go Robinson, Kelley, Davis (if short term), Henderson, Freeman, McKinnon
  13. Nope. Dont do it. CEH looks good but hes still sharing touches to some degree. And if Zeke gets hurt, you have Pollard who will immediately get the workhorse role. If CEH goes down hurt, its a crapshoot. Plus, Ridley is going to breakout this year. Probably not Adams numbers, but not far off. ATL defense is bad and Ryan is going to throw a ton. Stay put.
  14. Thanks for the help. Do you guys still make this deal if the offer is Brees/Woods/Kelley for Stafford/Taylor/Boyd? Hes getting cold feet about the first offer I think (the offer has been verbal and not sent yet).
  15. Yeah thats an easy win in your favor. ARob will be a volume monster all season and Goedert is never getting gametime over Andrews. Help with mine?
  16. You cant afford to lose another RB. If you trade Kelley theres a good chance you're starting Gaskin next week. Thats bad news. If I were you I'd be looking to move one of Waller or Andrews in a deal to get another decent RB. You need RB depth more than a 2nd great TE. Help with mine?
  17. Definitely not. Haskins is a throw away piece so this is essentially Goff and Kupp for Godwin. Superflex means QBs are at a premium and you'll want 3 that are playable. Goff is a solid QB2 that will have big games in the right matchups. Also, Godwin isnt that much better than Kupp. That latter has a good chance to be top 5 in TDs for WRs. Godwin is a stud but a little unproven and unknown with Brady at QB. Help with mine?
  18. Shenault is interesting but I wouldnt want to play him anytime soon. More of a grab and hold on your bench until they get him more involved. Help with mine?
  19. This will be unpopular but I would drop Swift for him. Det backfield is crowded and they cant move the ball anyway. Kelley is getting 50% of the carries in a decent offense and having Herbert at QB should open up the run game even more. Kelley is going to see a lot of work. Help with mine?
  20. The only move I would possibly make is drop someone for Davis and try to package him to the CMC owner (if theyre short on RBs). Otherwise, stay put and you'll probably get bumped to WW#1 priority which could be huge if injuries continue at this rate. Help with mine?
  21. Gage. GB are a run first team now and will only really support Adams in the passing game. ATL defense is trash. They are going to throw a ton this season and Gage is the 3rd look right now. Help with mine?
  22. I lost Barkley and need to make some moves cover RB. This is a 2QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, DEF, K league so QBs carry more weight. I have Ekeler and Kelley who seem to be in a 60/40 split so moving Ekeler for a workhorse back and keeping Kelley gives me more depth. Ive been offered Stafford/Taylor/Metcalf for my Brees/Woods/Ekeler. Do I make this trade or offer something less like my Brees/Woods/Kelley for his Stafford/Taylor/Boyd? This would give me a lot better RB depth with Ekeler still on the squad but lower my WR quality a decent amount. For reference, my RBs are Ekeler, Bell, Monty,
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