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  1. 11/12 one spot left. $10 roto auction drafting Dec 11th 7pm eastern time.
  2. 8/12. draft was bumped by a few requests Friday December 11th 7pm eastern time.
  3. Changing entry fee to $10 to make it more palatable for 1st timers. I would do a free league but prize money keeps more engaged longer.
  4. 3/12 Auctions are fun! If you haven't done one the best prep is to do a few mock drafts.
  5. 9 cat Roto Auction draft Dec 11th, 5p.m. eastern time. Fantrax 12 teams $200 auction budget $25 entry fee Payouts: 1st $200, 2nd $75, 3rd $25 https://www.fantrax.com/newui/fantasy/joinLeague.go?leagueId=r0zok044khy8ikya&isSubmit=y
  6. One owner needed in a 10 team dynasty. A very good team and tons of picks. We keep up to 35 players. $60 message me if you are interested Its on fantrax Notable players Rubio, Giannis, D. Ayton, Jamal Murray, Kyle Lowry, Ja Morant, Sexton, Tyler Herro, Kevin Porter Jr., Caris LeVert, O.G.Anunoby, Marquise Chris's, Jonathan Isaac, Steve Adams, Claxton Picks 3,6,7,8,13,23,33
  7. Were filled up, if more are interested I can start a 2nd league with duplicate settings. Message me if interested
  8. Going to be a wacky season with Covid and players missing games. Makes it very hard to do H2H. This is a good chance to try Roto. Less effected my missed/cancelled games. I won't be doing any H2H.
  9. Drafting in a little over a month. There are a couple guys in this league that i played with before and can vouch for me that it will be a legit league and your money is secure.
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