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  1. I hate to be THAT guy, but I owned Trent for most of the season. Here's my take. Even when he had an increase in opportunity (CJ injury) he had some REALLY BAD games. He had some really good games too, but he's a strictly points and 3s type of guy. I had Malik Beasley and Devonte Graham on my team as well, so he killed it in my team build, but don't expect much outside of points/3s. With that said, this guy CAN shoot the lights out, but he'll also have some games that cost you FG% any given week. He's the type of player that you can't look at individual game stats, you literally ha
  2. Ehh. Questions like that are obviously predicated on team build, league settings, etc etc. I've owned him ever since his rookie season in a dynasty league and have always loved his game. He's fun to watch and racks up across the board stats. He contributes a little bit everywhere, and while he doesn't do any one thing great, he also doesn't hurt you anywhere. With the exception of FG% at the start of the season which he seems to have turned around. I've built my team on defensive stats over the past couple seasons and his Steals and Blocks have always been his biggest contribution.
  3. 43-45% FG Shooting 73-75% FT Shooting 1.5-2 3 Pointers Made 15-17 Points 5-7 Rebounds 1-2 Assists 1-1.5 Steals 0.7-0.9 Blocks 1.0-1.5 Turnovers
  4. I see a lot of Jonathan Isaac with a more natural scoring ability. But JI with 20 ppg potential is seriously tantalizing.
  5. Lol. It's an impressive dunk for sure, but come on now, he isn't doing that in a crowd a la Morant or Fox.
  6. Ditto. The most surprising thing to me is how much he looks like he belongs out there. It's kind of cliche and gets said about a lot of guys, but this young man has some fight in him. He also doesn't look rattled. And even tho he plays SUPER fast, it doesn't look like he's rushing. It looks like he's playing at his own tempo. For a guy who hasn't even gotten into his 20s yet, it's very encouraging to see. He can kind of do it all from a fantasy perspective as well. Score inside, score outside, knockdown free throws. Pass the hell out of the ball. Get steals. Low TOs. I've actually
  7. I would not be surprised to see him put up this year's Malik Beasley type stats next year if Portland let's him go somewhere where he's a feature option. I'm in a "dynasty" league where we put 4 players up for grabs in "RFA" and I'm gonna be heartbroken if it's Trent I have to put up. 😔
  8. Na. He had like 8 or 9 points that game. He was like one shot away from a quad. EDIT: I lie. He had 4 points. I thought he was a lot closer than that.
  9. This is actually a really good trajectory comparison that I've never even considered. Their statistical output over their first five seasons is eerily similar. As to how much they improved, and which parts of their game they improved at certain ages. Jimmy even had that spike in 3 point shooting at age 25 that didn't seem to carry over through the rest of his career (ala Siakam last year and now). Their improvement in assists per game from 22-26 is also dead on. Granted, there's a difference in minutes played over the first couple season, but to see them put up almost the same stats every step
  10. Groin issue. Non-contact. Was running passed half-court, started to grimace, got rid of the ball, then hunched over which forced them to call a timeout. Honestly, rather it be that than any other non-contact injury, but he'll probably be resting for a bit.
  11. I think he'll break double digit shot attempts tonight for sure. It'd be nice to see 10+ shot attempts and 5+ assists. Just something that shows he was leading the charge. Hopefully it'll start to rollover even when guys start coming back.
  12. I too, am interested to see what he can do as a lead guard. BUT, I can't wait for him to under perform and watch everyone from the last two pages come in here and call him trash mid game. 2/11 shooting. 3/5 from the FT line. 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 3 TOs. 35 minutes and 1 foul so nobody can blame foul trouble. I love watching knee jerk reactions real time. 🤗
  13. I completely agree. He looks like he's trying to hold onto his spot rather than take it. BUT, he's a 19 year old kid who came to the states a couple days prior to the start of pre-season. LOL. I could barely decide what I wanted for breakfast at 19. He's been a pro for a while, and he looks very seasoned on the court, but we can't expect him to be an alpha this early into his career. Expecting him to step into a leadership role this season is setting yourself up for failure in my opinion. Let him get comfortable as a role player and hope his stats are useful. He won't be a top 3 option on this
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