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  1. I think 1k yards and 8 ish TD’s are on the table.
  2. Grade 2. My quick google tells me he’ll be shut down for about a month. Rotoworld blurd says a couple weeks. Either way this is a bummer, been sitting on him for over a year
  3. Please no... please please please
  4. “Better,” Hedges said of how Lamet looked in comparison to last spring training. “Everything is just as nasty, but it’s under control. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. He was executing high fastballs where he needed to. He’s smarter now. He understand what he needs to be to be who he wants to be, which is one of the best pitchers in baseball.” sign me up
  5. Looks like he’s back up to start v the Dodgers. I took a flyer.
  6. He got pulled late in his second AA game and has missed the last two, maybe three. I can’t find anything anywhere on why. Anyone got anything? I imagine it’s an injury but you’d think it would be announced
  7. I feel like I’d rather take a swing at this guy than Aldy. Great numbers
  8. If he continues to rake, think they bump him to AA? And then if he does well in double A, think he comes up next year after a month or two?
  9. Starting Friday. Swooped him up just in case he sticks.
  10. well... at least Alonso is next in line? Has to be a service time thing for him at this point
  11. Any chance for a call up with the news to Ohtani?
  12. How is he not in the database for CBS? He’s in AAA now.. I went to grab and couldn’t locate. Wtf CBS
  13. Called up with the injury to Puig. Dodgers #2 prospect. Hope he can find consistent time and stays up, could be special.
  14. I’ve never seen a HR hit that far. I’m only kind of joking when I say it went 700 ft
  15. I thought for sure he would have a thread but I didn’t see one. Absolutely crushed spring training. Led in Average/OBP/Slugging and had 7 HR in 54 AB. Also had 13 BB to 10 K. Think he will be in the order once in a while and slide in for some pitch hitting to start, but he could offer some serious pop if he got the chance. Was a big fan with the cubs and think he could have a Schwarber like first year - less the catcher eligibility.
  16. Malcolm Mitchell could be back before him. It will be interesting to see Brady with more options.
  17. Hoping he can show some life in the Thompson role
  18. He might be activated soon. Anyone grabbing in deeper/keeper leagues?
  19. Great input from everyone, thanks for all the takes. If you're out of the race, it's nice to take some low risk high reward fliers at the end of the year if your format allows it. I'm holding Acuna, Torres & Elroy hoping one of two of them break camp w the bigs next year. thoughts on Whitley & Mejia?
  20. Any minor leaguers who haven't gotten the call yet this year that could/should be grabbed as a potential starter for next year? Senzel, Acuna, Torres? im looking for guys you could grab and keep that have a shot at jumping up draft boards next year.
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