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  1. I own Crowder. But have to start 2 rb's. My only 2 left are Collins and Murray. I have Thomas (locked) and Adams as WR's. Goodwin as flex.
  2. Options on my team: D. Murray (Coleman out too, starting Collins) Waivers: Ivory, Yeldon or R. Smith Thanks!
  3. Arizona is there...think Cousins has a rough game at home?
  4. Nope. I wish they were available!
  5. I have the Rams and Skins...hate the Rams match up and not too confident in the Skins. Nothing out there in our waivers...unless there is some sneaky pick up I missed?? Let me know. Thanks!
  6. Anyone else?? I can't decide...
  7. Mariota Howard Green Goodwin Thanks for the help on mine
  8. Coleman should have a good day and would be your safe play, but gotta go Gordon here. Risk vs. reward factor.
  9. I'm leaning Jeffrey. This game could be a shootout.
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