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  1. I can’t see him on a min restriction too long he looks good.
  2. Back to back...I’m sure he should play 2mr. Kawhi will be out 2mr I guess?
  3. Hopefully he starts to play more consistent. Picked him over Curry, it’s early in the season.
  4. Bout to drop hiM in my 8team league. lamelo will be starting soon.
  5. Missed out on him in the draft huh? I know it sucks.
  6. Will he get PG Eligibility for ESPN? He’s been running the offense a ton these 2 games hopefully he can get it after a few more games.
  7. I got him super super late so it is a very small risk. 20 and 10 guy when healthy. He claims he is healthy this year. Seems like a lot of people forgot about him.
  8. It has to be game plan oriented that’s the only thing I can think of. He did come a yard short from a touchdown which would’ve salvaged his week.
  9. I linked him up with Wentz. Seems like I’ll be alternating between the two for the rest of the season. Definitely considering benching Lamar this week.
  10. Nope just doesn’t seem like he’s part of the gameplan this week.
  11. No mri scheduled right? Haven’t seen anything we may be ok.
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