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  1. I looked into this during coffee this AM....I don't have the numbers in front of me, but I'm pretty sure about 1/3 of Myers' production came in April in almost all categories, and he's batting (month split) below / around .200 most of the other months. That's abyssmal. Can't play him, can't trade him.
  2. I think in anything but super deep, dynasty, or some other crazy formats, this dude is a drop. He ran into a couple fastballs early, but mostly this year he's been exposed as a AAA hitter. I'm in on this guy next year but I doubt he's worth a spot on your team right now in competitive 12-team mixers.
  3. To be fair, if Domingo Santana was floating on my wire, then CarGo's a** would remain floating. I didn't draft this pile of poo on draft day - someone else made that mistake. I know a joke of draft pick when I see one, and he was the definition of one. However, I waivered him at some point and then stared as his worthless butt for a month or so before I dropped him. He's been a game changer before. Maybe he's finally healthy? Who knows. I'll give him a week, and if he can't hit I'll drop him for literally anyone that strikes my fancy. At this point, his t
  4. I'd rather have every one of these guys right now: Zimmer Rosario Fisher Brinson Bader CarGo has been awful. Remove the name, and its way, way worse. He's probably not a top 500 guy on the year at this juncture. If you drop him, he will get waivered on name value alone. He *could* get hot and carry your squad, but as each day goes by and he sits, or plays and fails to hit for power, that chance lessens. We're well beyond the point where I'm expecting him to steal. I think he will probably have a white-hot stretch between now and seasons-end, but good
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