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  1. Is he back? He really only needs ~20 mpg to be useful in 12s. 7 and 4 with 3 blocks at the half in 11 min
  2. Sorry dude. On Espn he was credited with a block with 1 minute left in the 4th quarter, after the game ended they took the block away. 20 minutes later they gave him 2 blocks -- and now it says 1.
  3. Now they just added 2 blocks to his line after the game ended!!! what his happening?!?!
  4. I was in the same spot. He got a block with 1 minute left and they took it away.
  5. He is ramping up after an injury. 4 games back: 18, 24, 28, 33 minutes per game.
  6. Lol this line was fine from him. Idk wtf you guys are expecting -- he has top 70ish potential this year after having a ridiculously unlucky start. Dont drop unless you have an insane 10 team league roster
  7. Last year Whiteside averaged 15, 13, and 3 blocks. The kings then signed him for a 1 year 2.3 m contract after no one else was interested. "Showcasing" him for a week isnt going to change anything - the rest of the league knows how bad he is.
  8. He would be an easy top 50-75 player on Detroit or OKC
  9. I just had to rage turn off Inside the NBA because for some reason Ayton got the interview and Candice Parker asked him what he did to take such a huge step forward this year. These people really do not watch the games do they?
  10. Bench was playing well. Saric especially
  11. Closing with Saric instead. I dont blame them tbh.
  12. He really has no clue how to establish position on the offensive end to the point where they need to feed him the ball. Yes, he is calling for it but its in spots where its not the best play for the team because hes just sticking his hands out and asking for it rather than getting in the best possible spot to receive the ball.
  13. And what research is that? Who has taken atleast a month to get back into game shape after covid? Stating your opinion is different than claiming something as a fact, especially when you have no clue what you're talking about. Someone thats looking for actual information could come here, read your misinformed comment, and then make a decision that negatively effects their team/season. Its not that hard to understand.
  14. Lol being 9 games back in the loss column really is not with in reach. They have the worst record in the nba
  15. "I dont have any information and I havent talked to the trainer but right now hes day to day". Lol
  16. Got Jamal Murray and CJ McCollum for him and Bagley in an IR league.
  17. He is having a bad game a week into coming back from a month long toe injury. The sky isnt falling, idk how some of you win leagues tbh
  18. If he learns how to finish a bit better around the rim he is going to be a top 10-20 player in the league in a couple years
  19. Its not uncommon to be able to walk immediately after a severe ankle injury because of the adrenalin. He wont be walking on his own tomorrow
  20. Idk what you were watching, thats a classic 4-6 week ankle injury
  21. If you actually watch the games and think Devonte Graham is a better overall player than Lamello im really worried about you
  22. He didnt play the 4th quarter. He had some really bad turnovers tonight and Graham had it going
  23. He really only gets his steals if the other team literally throws him the ball.
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