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  1. YYEEEEESSSSSSSALL 12 are in!!!!! so we find out our draft position in 4min! draft in 1h04 we got 12 guys together in....100 min!
  2. This is our last shot to join one last league. The season opener is at 6PM EST, the Live draft is at 5pm EST so that's perfect
  3. This is so cool! we could have a league filled in less than 2hours. We are cutting it real close but looks like there is demand, everyone's gotta pay right away though!
  4. Looking for a 12-teamer. 10-team is too narrow...
  5. jon.basket@yahoo.com I'm cool with $50 or $100 send me the league invite and Leaguesafe invite and i'll pay right away
  6. It is full. look at the links. Me and my buddy want to join a 12 team H2H Pay league ($50 or $100 buy in) with a live draft BEFORE the tip off.
  7. Hopefully other guys like us will add themselves in the next couple of hours and if there are like 6 or 7 guys added, I might as well create the league and have everyone pay through LEAGUESAFE. The idea is to have a live draft BEFORE the season opener. 12-team H2H $50-$100 Pay in.
  8. 1 Spot left Live Draft: 2pm EST, Sunday December 20th. $200 Buy-in Held on LeagueSafe Payout format: Winner : $1000 | Finalist: $500 | 3rd : $300 | 4th $200 | All 8 playoff teams get $50 Check the League Setting at the following URL and if you like what you see leave me an email address and I'll send you both the league invite and the Leaguesafe payment link: https://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league?leagueId=4701 THE LEAGUE WAS FILLED BUT ONE MANAGER PAY WITH A E-CHECK SO I HAD TO LET HIM GO
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