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  1. I like Beef stew but Birch seems like a better long term bet. I switched
  2. Dynasty wise I would be selling too. That knee seems problematic. Maybe trade for him when he is injured and them stash him when he fixes it
  3. Yeah probably trade Zach if you are only slightly ahead. There might be someone willing to pay a decent value for him. Just go for it. 1.5 weeks is enough to doom you.
  4. Claxton is pretty much a rookie but one of their best centers. He will be up and down. I like him overall though.
  5. He looked good out there. To me I think the injury is a caution thing. He doesn't play like he is restricted, so hopefully he can just get over this hump.
  6. Yeah hip soreness, might stem from his ACL recovery. Sometimes your body compensates elsewhere for weakness in one leg/body part and it overstresses another area. Magic would be prudent to lower his workload a bit.
  7. If you want to bet on the guy that is more effective on the court between Bradley and Moses, you have to choose Bradley. Moses is just a slightly better Hassan Whiteside right now, and I posted on the Moses thread that many times. However, Roby is now back too and with OKC big almost 100% outside of Horford, it is becoming an increasingly gamble to play any of the OKC players. Remember that Roby was the backup C earlier, in games that Poku was in the G league. Now that they are back, does Roby eat up PF or C minutes? It's tough to choose Bradley or Moses now.
  8. I mean you can try not to punt anything... but in my experience, similar to a lot of people here, you probably end up losing. TO is the best thing to punt because all your superstars will have the highest usage and therefore TO. And when I say punt, I mean putting it on lowest priority. You can sometimes top another punt TO team in TO.
  9. Yeah I was on the Maledon boat too and still have him because I managed to roster him in the big games. Moses is just a rebounds streamer/gamble Bazley might be the same type of player ROS. Big games here and there. Ughhhhh I promised myself not to be fooled by this guy again. Thinking of adding 🙃
  10. Not dropping while I am ahead in my matchups. He might be a bit banged up. Clifford should get him involved more cause obviously they losing a bit too hard right now.
  11. I know right? What's the point in trying to throw shade on a guy that is guaranteed minutes and could be the sole PG ROS. (PS don't wait to jump onto the backup PG in Denver) The expectations for KPJ are so high for a 20 year old but that's how good he is.
  12. I don't know why I am starting him tmr. Ready to get my butt whooped in FG lol. Hoping he had bad shooting before because of some shoulder issues?
  13. This is just speculation, but knee fluid build up (knee effusion) is usually fixed by draining. In this case he might need some scoping as well. However, no matter how you fix this thing, it will come back in a couple of months. This means Wall might as well just play through it now and fix his knee just so he is ready for next season. He has enough time in the off-season to fix it and be game ready. This is just what I infer from my own knee effusion lol.
  14. I agree with you, he has to take a little bit more shots that right now. But his efficiency is good, don't want to wreck it with bad shots. I was always worried he is too much a team player. These last games help him realize he is more than that I think.
  15. Mo sucks... he can get it once in a while like Moses Brown but in reality he is a bad player who sometimes get fantasy stats. If you watched him actually play you would know. WCJ will get majority of minutes and value, and I am not even a fan of WCJ.
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