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  1. I think he will get looks for sure and I am guessing he will play a role. Interested to see if Houston can fix his issues too because they are real as any injury.
  2. I will keep him for a week or two if my standings allow it. This situation needs time to figure out.
  3. I was saying this earlier. They are waiting for Smart to come back. I feel like this team is going to make a move at the deadline. Probably move Kemba and test that out the results first. Then maybe they split up Brown and Tatum for a talented big or a different PG. Not sure if Rob Will is considered that type of big even though fantasy wise he is a Per 36 monster fantasy wise.
  4. Just watching for now. Even if someone picks up, might take time and they might drop him.
  5. Tonight will be interesting against the bulls. He doesn't have to guard Gianni and the bulls are not as good. Let's see what he can do!
  6. Gasol, even in the aged state is much better than Whiteside because he just uses his body and length to play high IQ positional defense. He is a "shell" of his fantasy self but Toronto won a title (contended last year) based on his real life contributions. Whiteside is just the fantasy stats and none of the real life. They could buy him as a body to play to rest Gasol, but put him in a meaningful game with all the 3 pt shooting today? God you are doomed. The Kings already cleared the way for their younger players. Bagley is playing a lot of will share those minutes with Holmes. The
  7. Well in the beginning people were talking him up and saying "former top 10 fantasy player" and now here we are with him waived. You can try to take a chance and pick him up to see where Cousins goes. However, if the NBA has changed, he will probably only a desperate team in need of a backup. Sell high on name value and good games.
  8. Hmmm... What are the chances he plays over Killian or Delon?
  9. Yo you unjinxed him. Keep talking trash about him it's working!
  10. Don't jinx it guys, he's been rolling fine without us posting about him lol.
  11. There's also the idea that the Lakers take Cousins so that the other teams don't get him. I mean the Harrell move was kinda in that logic as it left LAC scrambling for a backup (Ibaka, who actually was considering staying in Toronto)
  12. I agree. Maybe they are trying to give Draymond some room in the interior and put Kristnaps in the perimeter? However I am a Wiseman owner and love to see this trade happen. Wiseman will be going out of his mind blocking and rebounding with the Mavs
  13. LMA might have a decent night if they go back to the old offense since they are missing players. That's just a maybe. LMA is not good in the new Spurs offense, which is getting them into the playoffs.
  14. He was getting quite a few but let's be real he's not talented there. Sometimes the ball will just reb will luckily bounce to you for a stretch, especially depending on how many 3's and the FG% the opponents take. 3's have a chance of rebounding further for guards to grab.
  15. I can see the Lakers taking interest. They have history with him.
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