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  1. Go for it. If you desperately need a WR, I think it's fine.
  2. I would go w/ Graham in this one. Still a red zone monster.
  3. PPR J Robinson, Woods and Gage for Allen Robinson, Henderson and Mike Davis??? ****WHIR!!!!****
  4. I have 69% left of my FAAB. (nice) I'm going over 50% on Ty. Question is how much...
  5. Apparently not.... I'm putting a claim in though. A nice $1 lotto ticket flying under the radar here
  6. Appreciate the response. I think that AC is likely the right spot for the Weekly Waiver thread since it's a choice of whether or not to add someone. It may be a lot simpler than FAAB but the decision to add or drop still depends on league sizes, settings, etc. I don't recall the FAAB thread in the AC forum being super snow flakey but that may also be the result of not as much traffic so that may still be a valid concern. Any willingness by the Mods to try it out as a pin on the main forum for a trial period? I'll acknowledge that it might be a big failure... After all, your respons
  7. I still think he will be overvalued by anyone who drafted him.
  8. Mike Evans price hasn't changed enough for anyone who's invested to consider a buy low. I think a possible play is to buy Damien Williams because most owners are very worried. I wouldn't buy too high but if he maintains a solid share of a committee he has plenty of value. There's some risk but overall I think that the sentiment towards him is far too negative.
  9. There's a chance these posts get deleted but I urge the mods to consider it. I think the community would view it as a net positive for the weekly thread. At the very least, a specific FAAB thread on the main forum would be great for discussion. We all know the bench coach forum doesn't generate as much conversation as the main forum. Thanks.
  10. Still very disappointing that we can't talk FAAB in this thread... It's a thread about picking people up that's allowed outside of the bench coach forum but for some reason we can't talk about FAAB in here. Kills FAAB discussion on Roto Forums by keeping it off the main forum. My two cents....
  11. Are we all assuming Rogers maintains the 9th?
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