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  1. Oh man I was so happy riding Brady on my finals noooooo
  2. Is this guy the pass catching back? Or malcom brown is the 3rd down back ?
  3. Are we confident starting him in the finals ? he seems to get things going on the second half, at least in the last 2 games but I’m always afraid starting him
  4. Dropped him after michal Thomas news to pick up sanders . Coudnt use him against the packers and will not use him against Washington
  5. Dropped to pick up gage I can’t wait any longer
  6. I’m throwing him in my lineup looking for some upside. Just can’t start Conner anymore
  7. im in serious doubt . If swift doesn’t play I might start Peterson over Conner .. right now Conner is in my lineup
  8. Dr. Chao @ProfootballDoc thinks Swift is not going to play https://twitter.com/SportsGrid/status/1337519249758191616?s=20
  9. if he doesn't practice in full today i cannot trust him
  10. Im probably benching cedee lamb... i Dont trust cowboys offense with Dalton in
  11. Conner and Gaskin for me. Snell and Mcfarland did nothing in Conner abscence and Gaskin Will probably catch a lot of passes
  12. thanks.. i have Goedert but i Dont want to risk my chances on this QB change .. with Ertz on the field Goedert blocks more... so im trying to figure out who's got a better chance of scoring ... im with Schultz pinceled in , but í'vê read that the Chargers gave a lot of TD to TE position
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