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  1. First place team in my league has Rudy. I'm appealing the commissioner to vacate the 1st place team's wins and grant the championship to the 2nd place team (mine).
  2. Oh is he playing again? Because as soon as I said that **** above he went 3 for 3 on DND's smh.
  3. Any thoughts on how Lauri pairs with Coby? I haven't really watched the Bulls this year.
  4. From the team in my sig I still have Dame, Harden, Payton, Covington and Rose from my draft (though Rose will be dropped at the beginning of next week. I didn't prepare for auction this year and rolled with a stars and scrubs strategy that centers around cats I usually don't play for-- I generally try to lock up percentages, blocks, steals/assists, and turnovers. It's worked out well enough to put me in 2nd going into the playoffs, but I'll probably revert back to my old ways next season.
  5. Yep, but there's nothing we can do when it's a 1st rounder-- just clench and pray.
  6. It'd be a pleasant surprise, but Morris has never gotten near 1/1 in his career.
  7. Wonder if he can keep boarding like this-- he teased us with huge rebound games in pre-season at the PF spot for Minny. Maybe he's taking that sort of role as the team continues to gel. Obvious long shot, but something to keep an eye on.
  8. Can't overstate how much I've loved watching Rose go crazy this year.
  9. It's actually 14/5/3 with 1.2stl 2blk over the last 14 days, but still, pretty great. Hoping he keeps it up through fantasy playoffs.
  10. Still, he keeps himself on the court with efficient scoring like this. I'm optimistic the peripherals are otw.
  11. Strictly a 3's and points guy, but one of the better ones.
  12. Never seen those guys avg 3 3's for the season.
  13. Still in his prime, I think he'll be fine and worth the pickup as #3 in Houston. How many other guys can average 3 triples a game sitting on the wire?
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