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  1. I wonder if it'd make sense for a team in the NFC East (besides the Cowboys since they have WRs) to sign him for a small amount. They are all in a weird position where they don't have much to lose, but can also still compete for a playoff spot. If that even makes sense... They also get the potential benefit of keeping him for next year if he happens to be mentally stable.
  2. IF Conner is out, what’s Samuels’ value like with Ben out of the season?
  3. Do the rankings shown when drafting take into consideration PPR/.5PPR settings if they are chosen? Or are the rankings the same regardless of the league/points settings?
  4. Should I let DeAndre Hopkins go for Michael Thomas, Marshawn Lynch, and Jacksonville Defense? It's .5 PPR and there are 2 RB, 2 WR, and 2 Flex Spots so having a certain amount of positions isn't important. WHIR!
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