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  1. I'd go Titans, for the reason of not playing against Kamara. Then you know there is a potential for both going off. Peace of mind I guess. Help please?
  2. I own Mixon and I think this was a good move for you. Russ will ball out but you can get similar production with Watson who is turning a corner. Help please?
  3. Go with singletary, Chargers corners are good. Help please?
  4. Drop MVS for Cooks - hes worth it. Help please?
  5. I own lockett and would not do this deal. You would need to add CeeDee or Odell for me to bite - especially because hes hurting at wr Help please?
  6. Former Dak owner as well ;( so sad.... I think you can go forward with Herbert, you're not losing a ton there. In my situation its a 2 QB league and there is nothing on the wire. Mullens type guys. Help me?
  7. This is a fair trade I think and worth it for you. I also lost Dak and tryin my own trade: Help?
  8. I just lost Dak and thinking about this trade: Disclaimer: Lamar can't be kept next year because we were transitioning from Keeper League to Dynasty this year and we agreed on one one-year keeper per team. Lamar Jackson was it for this other team. So that being said I would be getting Lamar (cant be kept and therefore value should be lower) and Leveon and be giving up Monty and Ruggs. This is half ppr superflex: My team: Desaun, Dak (he was my keeper so I can safely drop him now), Foles, Tua Monty, Mixon, Mattison, Barkley (IR), Lindsay, Lockett, Go
  9. yes its worth it. Nothing else worthwhile right now
  10. Because he is 1-4 and those two players dont play this week. He needs to win this week.
  11. You kinda have to. But see if you can get a little more value - Gallup is fine and so is Montgomery. Thanks for your help.
  12. I'd do that as well. Ekeler will lose steam. Thanks for you help!
  13. I'd still start him over Brown. He's too good to bench with 4 WR. Help please?
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