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  1. Who would you take right now? Same price to keep both. Trade concerns and sustainability of value over the next few years for Drummond have me leaning towards Wiseman. Am I crazy?
  2. Would you move him for Drummond right now in a dynasty league?
  3. I think Abreu is your only real weak spot in an otherwise strong infield. Given his age and declining batted ball profile - as well as his declining statistical output - I think Abreu is effectively worthless in a dynasty league. I view Muncy as a meaningful upgrade to Abreu at 1B. RF should be deeper than 1B, and the difference between Muncy vs. Abreu at 1B, combined with Ketel vs. Gurriel at UTIL, should well exceed the difference between Meadows and your RF replacement. Of all the players on either side, I view Ketel as most likely to be a top 20 dynasty asset over t
  4. I would take Ketel and Muncy, no questions asked.
  5. C - Willson Contreras (12.8) 1B - Pete Alonso (3.5) 2B - Brandon Lowe (15.5) 3B - Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. (6.8 ) SS - Marcus Semien (7.5) OF - Juan Soto (1.5), Ramon Laureano (9.5), Nick Castellanos (10.8), Kyle Tucker (16.8 ) UTL - Yoan Moncada (8.8), Yuli Gurriel (14.8) BN - Joey Votto (21.5), Mitch Haniger (22.8), Nomar Mazara (23.5), Didi Gregorius (24.8), Salvador Perez (26.8 ) SP - Justin Verlander (2.8), Blake Snell (4.8), Aaron Nola (5.5), Hyun-Jin Ryu (11.5), German Marquez (13.5), Jordan Montgomery (17.5), Nate Pearson (19.5), Jon Gray (20.8), M
  6. Do it. Give me a top 8 SP (when healthy) over a top 12 3B (when healthy).
  7. Option 1: Bellinger/Suárez/Gore Option 2: Freeman/Rendon/Clevinger Regardless of league settings or keeper prices, which side would you rather have in a dynasty league?
  8. Not on the list - but in recent years, no one has burned me more than Addison Russell.
  9. Walk, don't run. I've seen this movie - twice before. The Giants DFA'd him six weeks ago. If you're willing to chalk up last year to a lingering concussion, and you have that last roster spot to burn, it may be worth giving Mac one more chance.
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