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  1. I get the skepticism, but I'll be back in here in a few weeks and we'll see how it pans out. Firmly believe Ekeler is the better player and better fit for this offense. He was carving a bigger share before the MGIII injury last year and he'll continue to do so.
  2. What about his career line, despite being in a good offense his entire career, screams good to you? He's a horribly inefficient pounder with some decent pass catching chops. Dude is the definition of mediocre.
  3. He's the far superior player to Gordon, time to buy low.
  4. Pitt Defense is the perfect example of why you can't just blindly look at the numbers - they've been torched the last two weeks and built up their reputation this season against almost entirely putrid defenses. Add in the fact that they just lost Haden and I'm absolutely firing Mariota up where I can. My only hesitation is the low vegas o/u - but I've seen too many wacky TNF games to put much stock in their opening lines.
  5. Completely agreed. As a guy who’s watched every Bears game. I kinda feel everyone is missing the boat here. He’s actually produced solid fantasy numbers despite the low usage, and you have to think they’ll get him more involved after the bye. They’ve also faced a bunch of tough defenses with Trubisky (MIN, CAR, BAL, and an improved NO defense). While his carries are way down, he’s seeing serious snaps at WR now, and they’ve shown a willingness to let him run everything from streaks to screens. And, the Bears schedule is seriously lightens up going forward.
  6. 25 targets the last two weeks, and 33 the last 3. Produced 2/3 games even with Tate playing. GB’s lame pass D up this week. Gotta think he’s a good play this week?
  7. Huh? Can’t put up good numbers with a garbage QB and bad team? Brandon Weeden to Josh Gordon anyone? edit: or Pryor from the same team!
  8. I'm firing him up this week over Gallman, Cohen, and Juju at flex. Obviously not great options but I picked him up for this matchup - game script and a bad defense really favor him. I also think the Pats offense goes absolutely bananas coming off a 10 day layover. That should theoretically benefit the defense but I love the prospects for garbage time. Kearse's targets have been meh with them actually winning games - I see this one a lot more similarly to week 2 against Oakland where he get fed after the game was decided.
  9. Huge White Sox fan here, I watch every game. Still skeptical of Avi, but he's looked like an entirely different guy this year. Completely changed his approach to bat more upright last year right before the year, and it took some time for him to fully implement the changes. You can see a bit of it in his approach, as he's been better identifying strikes and going after them (O Swing % is way up). Guy still hits too many GBs, but his FB rate is currently at an all-time high. K Rate is also down a few % points. Not sure if his increased HR/FB ratio is sustainable, but the dude is an a
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