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  1. Hopkins isn’t Tyreek. He has a limited ceiling as is. When he’s paired up with a QB who can’t throw him an accurate pass and the play calling of Kliff, he’s not gonna win you your league, even in plus match ups. Hopkins is hobbled by his situation and his ceiling is limited as such. To call him league-winning down the stretch is foolish IMO. Reality is, Hopkins is more of a WR2 with WR1 upside.
  2. damn i feel bad for this kid lol. imagine being a practice squad WR and then a starting QB against cam jordan and company.
  3. not looking good at all bois. the experiment might be over.
  4. he's only been in on 3rd down snaps lol. they have lindsay/freeman in on the 1st and 2nd down plays, as they just run it upt he gut
  5. Assuming Burrow is back. He's still got a long recovery and talks of him not being ready for the season opener were held.
  6. Murray = fraud. Just cause he's been stat padding, people really thought he was in consideration for MVP. delusional. watch the games and you'd see murray is nowhere near that caliber.
  7. Yes, I would drop Hyde for Ekeler. I would probably start Gallman and Carson over Ekeler tho. Thoughts on mine?
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