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  1. Even in a normal year I'd venture to say there is no home field advantage in the SB. Tickets are distributed so widespread and many tickets that are distributed to the two participating teams will probably be sold 3x over for massive profits to random people of all allegiances (or just party people with no allegiance at all). The game itself has multiple built in momentum killers including extended commercial breaks and the time consuming half time show that makes the game more of a double header than a real full game. As the theatrical aspect of the SB thrives and expands, the unpredictabilit
  2. I'm not so sure about that. With the way things are right now, the last thing you'd want to do as an organization is show insensitivity. Unfortunately you kinda gotta let people do their thing, no matter how full of crap they are. If this is why Kyrie is missing, I'm sure organizations will keep that in mind the next time he hits FA. And if this is why he's missing from our fantasy teams ***DND*** (if he wasn't already lol). If there's actual personal issues with him or his family, hope everything is alright.
  3. This is probably as good as he'll get but it doesn't mean he can't keep it up. His %'s are on par with his career average, though his 3pt% is a few points higher than normal. What's changing more is the volume and imo he can sustain that. He's averaging 2.5 more shots per game than last year and 3.5 more 3's a game. But that's the evolution of the sport. If you're not setting career highs in 3pt attempts this year, you're not doing it right. He's also on a team who has a 36 year old Carmelo as their 3rd highest scorer, and a lack of playmakers. It's not too far fetched for McCollum and Li
  4. What are we thinking LMA's value is if his injury is minor and he's back on the floor sooner than later? I've drafted him the last few years and enjoyed the ride but this start is concerning. If we could get decent value I think I think I'd take it and let someone else inherit the risk. I hope he turns in a good year regardless, I like the guy. Every year he performs shows how incredibly inept my Chicago Bulls are as an organization. Way back in 2006 they traded his draft rights away for Tyrus Thomas lol.
  5. They were due for regression regardless of who was behind center IMO. Jimmy is a mixed bag himself, but is definitely superior to the other two QBs. I'd think they keep him. One year removed from a Superbowl appearance, it wouldn't make sense to dump him. I personally wouldn't expect anything close to 2019's success even with Jimmy, but the offense in general should be better without injuries to their QB1, WR1, RB1, and TE1.
  6. Same. My other options are Crowder, Jeudy, and Meyers. Gabriel has scored a TD in each of the last 3 games without Brown. He has a clear role in this offense at the moment. There's much worse options this week.
  7. Definitely something to monitor. It's in the Jets best interest to be as uncompetitive as they possibly can. It's possible they use the injury as an excuse to manage his reps or even sit him entirely. They don't want to slip up now and win a game this late in the season. I wouldn't worry until there's more news on it though.
  8. I wouldn't be too concerned, especially if you're using him as a bye week filler. He's not a deep route runner and he's the only dependable receiver on the roster. He also had a TD called back that could've went either way and another end zone target that was high and got him smushed between 2 defenders. I wouldn't doubt another 10+ target game with a decent chance for a TD. And realistically, who on the waiver has the same potential with less risk?
  9. Traded for JT for the heck of it last week. You get a better perspective of how useless a player is when you have shares of that player.
  10. I sold both my shares of him over the last few weeks but I hope he comes back and smashes. Great player and talent. Can't wait to target him in drafts next year.
  11. My guess is nada with Chubb possibly due back. Mayfield may average under 25 pass attempts a game ROS with more than half those going to Landry/Hunt, and then even Hooper mixed in as well. No volume no production.
  12. I wonder if Crowder is in full decoy mode today. Flacco is looking at the opposite side of whatever field he lines up in.
  13. Well to be fair AB isn't on pace for 120 receptions and 1500 yards like Hopkins. AB's track record this season now consists of one game which he went 3/31/0. This won't necessarily be the norm, but it should bring expectations crashing down to earth. One can still take comfort in knowing this is probably the worst game TB will play all season. But being 5th in targets on the team and mustering 31 yards when your team is in 100% pass mode for 3 quarters is extremely unimpressive.
  14. Agreed. He's caught 7 passes a game regardless of who's thrown to him. He's been playing under the questionable tag pretty much all year already. And if the Jets are a dumpster fire, then NE is at least a mini waste basket fire. I don't see them getting dominated on Monday. NE does not control games like they used to. They're also not time of possession hogs.
  15. Parlayed GB -7 with under 48.5. Was going up against McKinnon while playing Hasty and being heavily favored. GFY 9ers. Absolutely no reason for you to push the ball and risk injury down by 24 with 30 seconds left. Once again, GFY
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