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  1. McKinnon and Murray are both top 20 RBs and worth starting.
  2. Well if he doesn't get suspended who do you want over him in the playoffs? The fact that you are locked for the playoffs is what makes him a hold imo
  3. So frustrating as a Falcons fan to watch us score 0 points in a half and Julio is barely involved. Â I understand Ryan had a ton of success last year spreading the ball around, but it's not working this year with Shanahan gone and when things are stalling they need to be looking at Julio.
  4. I own both so no dog in the fight but I'm guessing that Jones gets the lions share of touches. Montgomery hasn't even taken true contact yet. Probably want to give him a couple to see how he does but I doubt they wear him out.
  5. So Murray has put up very solid fantasy numbers the past two years and find himself in a better situation then that and people question if he can perform? His ankle could end up being an issue but Murray has shown he can produce.
  6. I just don't see any of the Seattle backs being waiver worthy. Too many question marks for each of them individually plus their is the question if whoever is the guy will even be worth it. I think it's a situation where you let waivers pass then if you want take a speculative add on whichever one you prefer.
  7. I've resigned myself to the fact that I will sit him on the road and play him at home barring special circumstances. I'll live with the result and try not to fret when he blows up on a road game.
  8. Just set the all time weekly record for scoring with 194.6 in a 10 team PPR league. Lineup was Drew Brees, Kareem Hunt, Zeke, Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, Dalvin Cook, Gronk, Greg Zuerline, and Patriots Defense (only 3 points). Watkins was on my bench with 28.6.
  9. Seems like an aberration for the Raiders in general to me. The injury is the concern. Maybe this isn't the best week to play him but I'm not worried one bit about his prospects the rest of the season.
  10. And if you could get any of those players, outside of maybe Dez, then it would be a very good sell. It's definitely worth it to float him out there this week for this group plus I would add Jordy and Michael Thomas as well. He only had 7 targets this week for a total of 18 this season. He's never going to be a major redzone target while all these other players are along with being the biggest target monsters for their respective teams. I'm not saying Cooks sucks or that he won't be top 10 receiver. I'm saying that after scoring 2 touchdowns on 7 targets and 5 catches, it's a no
  11. TE is such a wasteland and he is a a corpse rotting in it.
  12. Fake news. He would have been a Gator if he hadn't gone to Maryland. His mom favored Florida.
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