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  1. It wasn’t specific but clearly open to discussion. (You’re apparently incapable or unwilling so move along). People play in a variety of sized leagues where he will have an impact.
  2. I mean I wasn’t suggesting he’s a top 5 first baseman or something. Strong relative to the past couple years. And “I’ll bet he doesn’t” is awfully hard to argue with. I hadn’t looked at it that way. You changed my mind.
  3. Homers in back to back games. Hard contact rates elite levels, hitting into some tough luck. Hits third in what is apparently a really good lineup. Could have a pretty strong year.
  4. What kind of innings total you projecting? He threw 140 in 2019 so i could see that kind of pace from July on.
  5. Could be pressing for that reason, but he is a slow starter sometimes. But can’t say I’m not concerned a little bit that he’s just lost some bat speed. He’s seeing a lot of fastballs and just not connecting.
  6. Considering moving on also...but we’re at 28 plate appearances so trying to hold for a bit.
  7. Fowler just got carted off though. Can Walsh play right field occasionally until they call up Adell or Brandon Marsh?
  8. Now the debate is if Wittgren is worth using up another roster spot on...or take a shot on another potential closer.
  9. What’s the Washington situation? At least in the short-term. Feel like taking a flyer on Tanner Rainey.
  10. He threw 7 change-ups and five curve balls according to baseball savant. So that’s 12 percent with a different pitch than those two dominant ones.
  11. Ohtani’s fine. “General soreness,” gets the day off tomorrow anyway. did not leave the game due to injury.
  12. Unbelievable, was a knee high pitch. Blaming Maddon here is a little silly.
  13. It was a wind-aided homer too, but he is at least resembling his old self. I think he proves to be a decent value based on ADP but would bet against him being a top 25 hitter again.
  14. Same but started him as a hitter so I’m good.
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