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  1. Was Cooper even playing after that play? I feel like on Red Zone, whenever they tuned in to the Raiders game on an offensive drive, he wasn't in the game. Would have to see the snap count numbers I guess. Also, no reports of him being benched.
  2. Him playing decent in Weeks 16 and 17 gave me some optimism going into this season. I'm having a tough time deciding on him or Corey Davis this week. Not sure how often against Denver Cooper lined up against Talib who is now gone. Also, reports of them possibly moving him around formations gives me a little more confidence.
  3. I don't mean to revive the war in this thread, but it looks like some reports claim he practiced with the ones today, and he expects to play vs the Colts. Now, this is subject to Martavis still being in Tomlin's doghouse, and rightfully so. There was also a tweet last week quoting Ben on both JuJu and Martavis. Just something to keep an eye on as the week goes on. But could also see it turn into the same scenario that played out vs CIN. Blurb came out that he would be featured, and saw a jet sweep and a couple targets all game, which was likely a cause for all the ongoing dr
  4. I know revenge games are mostly overhyped, but McCown and ASJ both going against the team they played for recently. May not be bad starts this week.
  5. Record: 6-3 14-team, .5ppr. QB (start one): Cam Newton RBs (start two): Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon, and Alvin Kamara (start only two, no flex spot for RB) WRs (start two): Jeremy Maclin, Corey Davis, Josh Doctson, Tyrell Williams, Curtis Samuel, Donte Moncrief, and John Ross TEs (start one): Jordan Reed and Austin Seferian-Jenkins (Reed currently in IR spot, and ASJ bye week upcoming) WR/TE (start one): one of the above K: Lutz D/ST: Bengals I really need some help on what to do here. For a D/ST, who is the better hold, Bengals or Chargers (can be had for free today)? A
  6. There's some sneaky value with this guy. They have a good RB, middle of the pack O-line, an athletic TE that he's familiar with, good possession WR with Garcon, good speedster to stretch the field with Goodwin, and Kyle Shanahan's offensive mind.
  7. I'm holding the all-time leader in receiving yards in college football history, as well as 4th most receptions and 2nd most receiving TDs. Also, I pointed this out earlier in the season, but there probably isn't a better spot for a highly drafted rookie receiver than in Mularkey's offense. 2004- While head coach of the Buffalo Bills, they select WR Lee Evans 13th overall. He finishes his rookie season as WR24 in standard. 2011- While OC of the Falcons, they take Julio Jones 6th overall. In standard, he finishes WR17 in total points, and WR9 in points-per-game.
  8. In a 14-team, .5ppr league. Roster: QB (Start 1): Siemian RB (Start 2): Gordon, Gurley, Kamara, Tevin Coleman and JStew WR (Start 2): Martavis, Tyrell, Moncrief, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, and Doctson (hopefully have a season saver somewhere in here) TE (Start 1): Jordan Reed, ASJ WR/TE (Start 1): likely ASJ until further notice So, other than needing a startable WR, you can see I need a QB. Available is Carson Palmer as the only attractive option, but I sit 11th on the waiver wire. I passed on a trade to move Kamara to the Brady owner for Kirk Cousins. But I passed on t
  9. I was thinking Gordon or Gurley could land me a great WR, so that's why I am hesitant to make this deal. I'm hoping Siemien could be halfway decent.
  10. I feel like all I have is fliers and high upside guys at WR haha.
  11. Yeah, I wouldn't do that. I think you'd struggle to guess which games Abdullah and McKinnon are going to go off. Also, Abdullah is in a better situation than McKinnon. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/675911-kirk-cousins-for-kamara/
  12. I think Ricardo Louis has the higher ceiling. That's assuming he can be the target monster that Pryor was in Cleveland last season.
  13. Yeah, do that. DJJr has PPR upside that probably makes it a wash for Martin, and Cooks >> Pryor.
  14. I'm in a 14 team, .5ppr league, where you can only start two runningbacks. Team currently is; QB (Start 1): Siemien (dropped Eli after all the injuries) RB (2): Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Alvin Kamara, Tevin Coleman, and Jonathan Stewart WR (2): Martavis Bryant, Tyrell Williams, Donte Moncrief, Corey Davis, Josh Doctson, and Mike Williams TE (1): Jordan Reed, and Austin Seferian-Jenkins TE/WR (1): one of the above So as you can tell, I'm struggling mightily at WR and QB. QBs available are Tyrod, Flacco, Bortles, Cutler, Browns QBs, Keenum, and other temporary f
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