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  1. When drafting if you narrow it down to 2 players take the player with the better offense of the better qb.
  2. Ya should be 40 or so running plays from Cleveland tomorrow chubb is going to eat but they have got to trust hunt out of the backfield more than these other wr
  3. James if your reading this fantasy football loves you I picked you up after the draft you saved my season and took me to the playoffs
  4. Got to be a joke. Hoe bout russell gage, chad hansen, Lynn Bowden
  5. I have the same dilemma I'm going Washington hoping for 15 touches miami has been proven safe fantasy rb whether gaskin salvon. Hunt is not as good as chubb and it shows on the field
  6. I saw that in a post, but can't find that anywhere on the Interwebs
  7. Yup sit Conner, Duke and Ballage have most their backfield locked down.
  8. Glennon has to be better than Luton though, right?????
  9. Ya anybody has insight on Duke, he has ever had a good game in his career when play a high percentage of snaps.
  10. Ervin is like Chris Thompson, good receiver good open field runner, will be broken just like Chris with lots of touches, however for a 1 week rental I might be in.
  11. Dexter Williams is on their practice squad, Tyler Ervin is a very undersized scat back who might catch a couple passes.
  12. I like gallman or perine more than hasty. 49ers are a mystery mckinnon or Coleman might get all the touches
  13. I get plugging this guy in for a bye week or injuries hoping for 4-10 points but this guy ain't winning anyone's fantasy season. The Jets are terrible Gore is still there and GASE is a turd
  14. Again to me its the lack of 3-4 easy receptions that hurts his value.
  15. Philly was my first choice, but I missed them now I have to choose between the Giants and Chargers. So ya I think Philly is safe for tonight should get some sacks and a turnover or two
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