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  1. With the previous 31/10 explosion from Trier, I think he may no longer be available in most leagues.
  2. Dotson, Ntilikina and Burke was available in my League. I gambled on Burke, even though he did not play the last couple of games.
  3. I added the 3 Centers of HOU as handcuff for Capela. My team was bad enough to have 3 streamer spots in a 16-team league. Didn't expect not even one of them would have a good enough stat line. Dang! Just wasted 3/5 Adds in the first day of the Week.
  4. I traded Sabonis for Ingles. Needed 3s and Stls. Past 2 weeks I was winning with a large gap in REBs and losing a little bit in 3s.
  5. Totally bummed I did not accept the trade for JJJ early November for Trae Young.
  6. I still remember my very first serious fantasy year. 2014 or 2015, I grabbed him #6th pick overall, that was his ADP back then. That's the year he fell in the rankings. Did not produce even round 3 value. Still in my IL now in 16-teamer, won't pick up in my 12-teamer.
  7. "The Boston Celtics will NOT agree to a contact extension with guard Terry Rozier making him a free-agent in 2019." - NBA Buzz How will this affect his playing time?
  8. I just dropped for Forbes. EDIT: Mills was already rostered.
  9. 12-team 9-cat, I am in a tight match-up. Dropping for PJ Tucker, best player who has 3 games left for the week. Better to make the finals than not at all (2nd Place Prize).
  10. If you don't have IL and in a tight match up, In redraft leagues, don't hesitate to drop. What is the use of KD near the end if you get knocked of the championship race this early. Unless you have money prize for 5th - 8th place.
  11. The hawks are playing 3 games this week T, TH and SAT. All crowded game days. I don't know how is that nice. I did pickup Dorsey, dropped Smart. 14 team.
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