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  1. Current ADP's have him in the early fourth round. I would take A.J. in the third round with no hesitation, so I will be owning him a lot next year.
  2. Agreed, this is my analysis of Dobbins. Lamar is going to vulture yards and rushing TD's, as will Gus Edwards if he stays. But Dobbins had 925 total yards and 9 TD's while barely being used the first six games, so next year will be interesting. The question is where will Dobbins be going by draft time next season. Some way too early ADP's have Dobbins as a 5th round pick which I would definitely take him at. Fourth round, maybe. Third round probably not, but RB is always so thin.
  3. I absolutely love Akers next year. The Rams finally realized towards the end of the year that Akers is the best player and gives them the best chance to win. Brown and Henderson are garbage. I would gladly take Akers in the second round next year.
  4. I'm changing it due to your response. Browns 50, Chiefs 10.
  5. Packs 24 Rams 20 Ravens 30 Bills 27 Browns 45 Chiefs 34 Bucs 31 Saints 30
  6. Derrick Henry had a truly remarkable 2020 season. He was fifth all-time in single season rushing yards. I did a little experiment which I spent an unhealthy amount of time on. Hypothesis: The top 11 RB's in all-time single season rushing yardage experienced a significant decline in yardage, TD's, and touches in the following season. Methodology: A data-driven approach was used to formulate an opinion based on facts instead of subjectively. For the top 11 RB all-time single season rushing leaders, I pulled the following stats for the record season and the season after: rushing yard
  7. Where do you think his ADP will be in a redraft come August 2021? I'm thinking somewhere in the 1.6-1.10 range. There aren't too many RB's I'd take over Taylor next year. After Kamara, Cook, C-Mac, Henry who would you comfortably take in front of Taylor? Maybe Barkley, Zeke, Chubb? That's about it for me but Taylor is in the discussion with that second group.
  8. "Aiyuk had a bad game if you take away the TD, take away the garbage time catch, and take away 10 of the 13 targets because Kittle and Deebo were out." Starting Aiyuk with confidence in Week 16. Haters can hate.
  9. It's starting already. I can't wait to see what the Aiyuk haters come up with this week for reasons not to start Aiyuk in Week 16.
  10. 9/73/1 yet another solid performance from Aiyuk. Stud.
  11. Dez Bryant with the TD. Who started him? 😅😅
  12. "Deebo's the better talent", "Aiyuk's a rookie, he can't keep this up", "Mullens is a terrible QB", "The 49'ers offense is bad", "Take away 12 of the 16 targets and he had a bad game" I just keep laughing as I plug Aiyuk in every week as my secret weapon. Even the "experts" have finally come around on Aiyuk and have him ranked in the 13-17 range instead of the 35-41 range.
  13. I love Chark as a talent, but I just hate him in fantasy this year. Drafted Chark and was a huge bust, cut him a long time ago and now he f'ed us today on the Robinson 18 yard negated TD.
  14. It looks like Josh Jacobs is playing. Booker is a drop for me if so (not a JJ owner).
  15. There are no Falcons RB to own right now. It's the worst case scenario for fantasy, a full blown RBBC with Gurley, Hill, and Smith.
  16. Preach brother! Starting with confidence.
  17. Interesting. I just read an ESPN report that said Gore practiced in full today and is still questionable. I wonder why there are conflicting reports.
  18. Is anyone worried about the 49'ers D/ST this week? Alex Smith has turned over the ball only twice in the last four games. I get that Washington doesn't put up a lot of points/yards, but the 49'ers D/ST also went negative last week in points.
  19. I get his value is probably a lot lower in full point and half point ppr's, but If I told you that Drake was PRK #10 for RB's in standard leagues, would you believe me? He is. He'd probably be PRK #7 or #8 if he didn't miss one game due to injury. He's having a Todd Gurley kind of season (last year TG and this year up till a few weeks ago), not many yards, not many receptions but has been finding the end zone. There is no way I'm benching him in my standard leagues.
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