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  1. Congrats to everyone who picked up him after those insane rage drops.
  2. Probably Plumlee. No real upside and as you say you probably don't need his assists.
  3. 9-cat 14 team H2H. My team: C. White, Graham, Harden, Smart, Covington, Anunoby, H. Barnes, Utah Bogdanovic, Bertans, Markkanen (IR), Jokic
  4. I got into the play-offs and got the bye due to the last run by Lamar Jackson today. I have knocked out both from the play-offs and bye position the same guy I have played this week. I got in by 0.02 points over the course of the whole season. Well... I hope stat corrections do not ruin this for me! 😅
  5. Well thanks to that last run by Lamar I am about to clinch the victory in my division by 0.02 points over the course of the whole season. Without that run I would be out of the play-offs all together. The most crazy fantasy feeling I have ever had! 😂
  6. Got him from WW before yesterday's game. How did we get there exactly that the starter in a team that also has the best QB in the game may be available on the WW? He was good in the playoffs.
  7. Drafted him as my RB1 for my zero-RB team. So far, so good.
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if this was the last game for Mariota as a starter.
  9. I wouldn't, your WR depth would not be too great for this year. Think you should try to sell Hilton as not all managers may value him that lowly even with Brissett being his QB. Thanks for helping me!
  10. 12 Team, Standard, 1QB/2RB/3WR/TE/no-flex. Massively rebuilding with many this year's and future picks. My QB depth is basically Lamar, Trubisky, my WR depth is Godwin, A-Rob, MVS, Pettis. Which player to cut - MVS, Pettis, Lamar Jackson, Trubisky. Can keep only 3 of 4.
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