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  1. So, how many auction dollars are left? I assume you drop anyone you don't want to keep and then draft to fill rosters?
  2. I may be interested. Is this an auction or regular draft?
  3. I am down if there is still room. anthony_weigel@Yahoo.com
  4. I am looking for a dynasty start up league. Preferably 10-12 teams but may go as high as 14. Can be free or money but I'd say not over $100. I prefer Roto but I am open to almost any format and any website. I would also consider taken over a team as well. Feel free to reach out here or via email anthony_weigel@yahoo.com
  5. I am interested in the Team Bryant. Email is anthony_weigel@yahoo.com A couple of questions 1. Are draft picks trade-able and if so, can you see what picks were traded last season/ 2. What pick would this team have? 3. Do you have to keep 7 or keep up to 7 and if you keep less, then you start drafting in whatever round that would be? Are the guys you keep... do you lose that round or is it just rounds 1-7? 4. Is this weekly/daily lineups? Waivers/FAAB or FA pickups? Are pickups daily/weekly?
  6. Here's a competitive money league on Yahoo.  My roto 5x5 daily league needs one more manager.
    As soon as the 12th joins and pays, I will lock the league and set the draft order. 
    $250 to enter. All held to LeagueSafe. Winner gets $2,000. Second gets $750. Third gets $250. Send me an email and I will shoot you the links. bs_1027@yahoo.com.

  7. I'll take this team https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=187973&teamId=9 from Who Will Be The Next Dynasty #6 Email is anthony_weigel@yahoo.com How do we pay for this?
  8. I am interested as well. Shoot me an email anthony_weigel@yahoo.com
  9. I would consider picking up the baseball portion. How do payouts go? Do you get paid by league or is it cumulative across all 4 leagues?
  10. Which teams/leagues do you have left? I am interested in joining one of these.
  11. Hey all. I am looking to join either a roto or dynasty keeper league. Easiest way to reach me is anthony_weigel@yahoo.com
  12. II would consider taking this team. How much is it to enter? Is it free and just the $8 for Minors? anthony_weigel@yahoo.com
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