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  1. In fairness he's the only big that can defend, so I think he'll get minutes.
  2. Will he ever get minutes though? Minny seem loaded at the 1, 2 and 3.
  3. Of all time would most likely be Wilt or Russell back in the day before they kept blocks and steal stats.
  4. Drafting him in all my dynasty leagues and in some redraft ones.
  5. Dynasty target buy cheap, or sell, sell, SELL! ?
  6. What's his contract like? He was on a 2 way and near the 45 days, right?
  7. Don't forget they might be trying to clear space to develop Brown, Jr and Bonga also. Washington is a weird one to project because they should be playing all youngsters and Napier is late 20's.
  8. This Drummond trade might be the only thing Cleveland win all season.
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