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  1. Anyone pivoting off of Will Lutz now that Taysom Hill was named the starter? I can see a lot of running and not as high of a scoring game as people originally thought.
  2. I know you can't bench him, but I'm having nightmare flashbacks of the last game vs ARZ...
  3. Just traded for this guy. Can't wait to watch him against the GMEN this weekend. Hoping for big things!
  4. Hold off. I think Mixon's injury is worse than people think. Chance he may not play for a few more weeks. Keep riding Gio until the wheels fall off.
  5. I think you give up the best player (Ridley) but get the better overall players back. If it was me, I'd probably do it.
  6. I would do this. Sanders is about to blowwwwwww up against the GMEN this week.
  7. Pick one for my flex. With Mixon most likely out, would you go Gio Bernard or Jonathan Taylor tonight? Standard scoring btw.
  8. Have gone back and forth whether or not to start this guy tonight. I know whichever way I go will be the wrong choice... The high over/under makes me think he could maybe fall into the end zone at least once...
  9. I don't see the Henry or Jones owners taking on that risk. Perhaps a low tier RB1 like Sanders, Mixon, Jacobs, etc. But no way a top 5 RB.
  10. He didn't practice yesterday. Anything to worry about?
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