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  1. This man knew what was up lol. Still holding on though. At least he blocked 2 shots in the midst of laying bricks.
  2. Dude should've had 3 tds tonight. Damn I hate the patriots!
  3. Mike Evans and Sammy Watkins must know I like to get 2 doughnuts at a time when I go to Krispy Kreme. LeSean McCoy knew 3 would be too much to handle and gave me 1.30
  4. He can get much speed going taking every handoff from the shotgun. He hasn't taken advantage of his opportunities but he isnt being dealt the bast cards with this play-calling.
  5. Why does Chicago offense line up in the same exact formation every ....single.....play. the same exact thing every time run or pass. Montgomery can get going taking the ball standing right beside the qb smh!
  6. Terrible call. Should have kicked. I wouldnt even have went for it playing madden.
  7. Hi im interested in joining for the Cairo Anubis sent pm
  8. Looking for a startup dynasty league. Free or small buy in. preferably 12 teams h2h 9 cat. Been doing fantasy bball for 10+ years and want to try a dynasty out.
  9. Crazy question...but is he emerging as the go-to guy over Booker? Or is the team riding the hot hand as Booker is in sort of a mini slum? Noticed he has taken more attempts the past few games. Haven't looked deeper than that though.
  10. Most improved Player........for my fantasy team and hopefully the league if he keeps it up. Really glad he adapted and extended his range. He could always get a bucket anywhere inside the arc but that 3 just makes him much more effective! Hope he keeps it going. He put up more shots than Booker!
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