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  1. Received an offer that would land me Kyrie in a dynasty league. My concern is the retirement talk. If he retires in the next 2 seasons, I'd get burned hard. What would you do? The other parts of the trade are not relevant as this is a points league with contracts and salary cap, so it's difficult to gauge the players' value. Thanks.
  2. 9 CAT league. First 3 are available. The bottom 5 I currently own. Thanks and leave a link.
  3. I maybe would try the CJ + Turner one. But I don't think you need Jokic. He's been great, but you would be buying high (he won't average 13 assists all season) at a position you're pretty solid.
  4. The Jokic one it's basically Tatum + Turner for him, because in 10 teamers you can pick up guys like Keldon from the WW. I wouldn't do it. You don't have any solid options at SF if you trade Tatum, and you have solid guys at PF/C already. From the other trades, like I said, I like the Lavine one. In general, I would look for deals in which you can trade a PF/C for a SF, especially after Pozingis is back.
  5. Can you get a SF that's not Keldon? He's done pretty well so far, but with Derrick White returning, I don't see him getting 30 MPG going forward. I like the Lavine + Turner for PG13 + Collins. Depends how much are you struggling at BLK, as that's the biggest drop between Turner and Collins.
  6. 9 CAT TO's and Blocks are my worst categories. I own the first 3, the others are available to pick up. Thanks and leave your link.
  7. Full PPR - 3 FLEX league *WW pickups Herbert* Kamara, Drake, Gibson, Bell*, McKinnon*, Ahmed*, Pollard* Robison, Ridley, Woods, Beasley*, Parker, Patrick* Hockenson, Kittle* Drafted: Beckham, Roethlisberger, Hurst, White.
  8. Wilson and Robinson. but risky with Robinson's injury status. Drake won't be a bad option, if Edmonds is out.
  9. Championship game. Full PPR. Thanks and leave a link.
  10. https://i.imgflip.com/12k2a5.jpg[/img] Keep going, Alvin, I'll end up like that!
  11. Another vote for Murray, Jefferson, Kittle and Dolphins.
  12. Leave is at it is. If Julio is active, swap Gage with Claypool.
  13. Drop Tampa, it won't clear waivers in time. And Cooks.
  14. Hey, I'm in the championship game and I'm struggling to chose who to Flex. Woods it's a lock, need help to choose 2. Pollard - if Zeke is out Gibson - worth the risk considering health? Drake - lost touches last week. Beasley - normally solid and a high floor, but struggled against NE last time. Kittle - too risky? Or start him over Hockenson instead of Flex? Thanks and leave a link.
  15. Yahoo or ESPN H2H 10-12 teams (14 could work too) Free.
  16. A. Peterson, M. Gaskin or C. Beasley? Also, at TE, D. Schulz or J. Cook? Thanks and leave your link.
  17. I'm starting if Coleman doesn't come back this week. The Niners only have McKinnon and Hasty.
  18. I have him in a 2 WR, 2 RB, 3 FLEX league and I'm still benching him. Rams D will want to bounce back after last week. Not only Ramsey, but the D-Line will go after Foles hard.
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