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  1. Very happy to see Holmes have this type of game that many know he is capable of. I picked him up when Bagley went down hoping he'd get some of the minutes at least.....didn't pan out until last night but that was a good one. Really hope Walton makes Giles earn minutes when he comes back and doesn't just give him a big chunk. Holmes showed what he can do and even if he can stay at 20 minutes+, he should be good for 12 team lineups....if he stays at this 30 minute level, watch out!
  2. Worst shooting night ever? I had- Mike Conley 0-7 0% Nikola Vucevic 1-13 7.7% Fred Van Vleet 3-14 21% Serge Ibaka 3-10 30% Damian Lillard 9-28 32% Eric Bledsoe 6-16 37.5% They all combined for a 22/88, or 25%. I wish I could say it was a fluke, but some of these guys have shot horribly multiple times already. It has to turn around soon....especially for Conley and Vucevic.....doesn't it?
  3. Weekly Lineups league....I had Jimmy Butler, Enes Kanter, Mitchell Robinson, Chris Paul and Joe Ingles all active. Those who weren't awful just didn't play!
  4. I'm able to keep TJ on my bench for awhile, so I can see how this shakes out. I'm hoping this is the week we start to see him turn it on a bit more. I have to think that hip must be bothering him, so I hope it's not a long-term nagging thing.
  5. Sounds like Looney's hamstring could be a more serious issue...a neuropathic condition. If that ends up being the case, he could be off the floor for a long time...nerve issues can be pretty tough to deal with. Hope for the best for Looney, but it may open the door to more PT for WCS when he comes back.
  6. Yeah, that's not good. I got him pretty late in a 10-team draft....6th round, so I was willing to take him. I never got the 2nd round love he got. Hope he gets it together, but a lot of people who took him in the top 25 or so have to be sweating it.
  7. Agreed....that was the one thing I worried about is having him and Lowry on defense against some teams. You have to figure they'll still play them both together for some minutes anyway and Fred will get any time Lowry is out, so even in a worst case lineup, he should be able to get mid to high 20's.
  8. I thought Hood had passed him pretty clearly and Hezonja was on the rise. Those two factors made me ignore him this year, but he's still available in all of my leagues. He's one I am watching for sure, but I didn't get a good indication that he was in for enough minutes to get the numbers.
  9. Wow, no kidding. He's 86% owned in Yahoo leagues.
  10. I got AD for the first time....3rd pick in a 10 team league where KAT and Harden went top 2. I'm an east coaster, so at least I can usually wait until morning to hear if he made any locker room trips. Those numbers he puts up are so hard to pass on, but that injury bug is always flying around him for sure.
  11. I took him as a flier late....some seem to think Looney is going to grab the job and run with it, which could certainly happen. But I think there is enough of a chance that WCS gets solid minutes that you have to at least wait and see in leagues where you have an IR. Especially if you need some boards....his blocks are never great, but he does get a good number of steals.
  12. I, incredibly, got him in the 7th round of Snake in a 10-Team league. Not sure why he dropped that far other than that positions are very stingy in this league....especially centers, so they go at a little more of a premium which lets a few guys slip through the cracks. Didn't think a guy like Paul would fall that far though.
  13. That Toronto rotation was pretty tight last night too....lots of minutes coming for Fred. Hope that ankle is good though. Got him really late in a draft where I was hoping to get some extra 3's.....good start last night for sure!
  14. Have to keep an eye on Fred Van Vleet after last night. His role has really increased and while he won't shoot like that every night, he's got a chance to put up some pretty big numbers.
  15. As I said originally, this was just a mock draft...that's why I wasn't too worried about the auto picks!
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