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  1. Yeah I get the feeling signing Alex Collins means Penny isn't looking great to come back. What do you guys think?
  2. I'm honestly worried about game script in this one. KC is all rested up and ready to fire on all cylinders and might put OAK in position to throw a lot, I shudder at the thought of Derick Carr being forced to throw. But if Gruden can let Jacobs stay in on 3rd downs then maybe our boy can put up points regardless of gamescript? But then there's Booker in the midst who's frankly pretty damn good. If Richard is in the mix again then I fear we're in trouble with Jacobs... What do you guys think?
  3. Game was over by the 4th quarter anyway, they tried to preserve him as much as possible and when you have a backup that's balling out like Booker, as a coaching staff, why not I suppose? Luckily I'd already won my matchup at that point but if it was close and saw 20+ points going to some other guy I would have been in the fetal position losing my firking mind!!😫🤓
  4. Sorry guys that was pretty noob of me, I stand corrected. Thanks for the the explanation! I'll show myself out...
  5. Isn't Dalvin Cook doing really well due to his talent and a good offensive line? So why are we now stating that the Vikings have a "porous" offensive line?
  6. I'm rolling him out over Goff, my logic is the bye week was good for the lions and they come out fresh and ready for GB as tough as they are in that secondary. Whereas Goff he been stinking it up against not so tough matchups and has little protection these days, also after seeing what SF (bosa) did to the Browns, im definitely more worried about Goff than Stafford. Thoughts?
  7. Both seem to have great matchups on paper this week but they both are so insanely inconsistent that I can't decide, please help?
  8. What do you guys think against a pretty good chargers D?
  9. Yeah I don't get the lack of hype here either, big dude, athletic, faaast AF, elite qb and got targetted adequately. I don't see why he's not being given the attention? But I guess it has only been 1 week if a sample size, let's give it another 2 weeks shall we?
  10. Umm wow I'm giddy just thinking about his ros potential with Wilson and this team. I thought he looked good if not great out there, I honestly was expecting him to be just a big doofus with speed out there but he came to play...right? Are we ready to buy a ticket and hop on this train or was this game his best of the season?
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