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  1. Are we expecting his blocks to bounce back? 4 outta the last 5 games he hasn’t blocked a shot. Is he playing a different style compared to lasts season or just in a defensive slump?
  2. I benched him for Nance this week you’re welcome
  3. Yeh one of the hardest cats to win what’s your point? He single handedly won his owners that cat this week and that’s why we drafted him.. also doesn’t tank your FT% like other shot blocking centers
  4. they’re all on my wire in my competitive 12 team league?
  5. And one is being drafted in the 60s while the other is drafted in the 100s
  6. I mean he’s being taken early second round anyway so you’d hope he produces that value...
  7. Yeh no chance in pairing him with one of them. He's going around pick 10-14... More likely to pair him with an Ayton or Bam type if its gonna be a big with good FG%.
  8. Who would be a good pairing/ draft strategy with Tatum? If you're getting him on the turn around pick 10-14?
  9. 26 mins tonight with Richardson back. He’s had 2 nice games in a row but I still don’t know if he’s trustable yet.
  10. As a Jrue owner I would be insulted with that proposal
  11. Nearing a return. Do we think he’s worth rostering? Wizards have no offence besides Beal, but is IT cooked?
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