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  1. thanks Gary, I Just joined. Can you email an invite to : abergavenny76nyc@gmail.com
  2. I've actually got a Leaguesafe set up, I could create an ESPN league now if we got interest
  3. I'm in for $25, also have a friend interested. So far basically six in this thread already.
  4. Nice, Gary. Send invites here: pattymayo@gmail.com abergavenny76nyc@gmail.com
  5. Same here. I've got a friend interested.. so that could be 3 so far. $25 leaguesafe ESPN H2H cats? what you think? I could create one
  6. Hey -- me and a buddy looking to join an ESPN H2H Cat league, ideally drafting tonight. Up to $25 buy in via LeagueSafe. Let me know!
  7. I'll join, but I don't see an option when I click into the ESPN link?
  8. Anyone have any openings? Looking to pay up to $100 for a legit league, H2H or Roto. Can't draft before 11pm EST tonight. Thanks, email: pattymayo@gmail.com
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