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  1. Wizards's schedule is underrated. VS OKC VS GSW @OKC VS CLE expect Daniel Gafford will have a good week.
  2. come on... it's just 1 game... Although i pickup Rood because Gary Trent took before... still think Gary Trent is the better option... we dont have🔮 , take it easy man..
  3. Khem Birch is playing like Kanter's output last week..
  4. This kid is so crazy... 6games 28ast only4To
  5. Zach LaVine: "I mean, like tonight, if I had just went out there and shot every time, I could’ve got 50 probably. But I’m trying to win the game." As a fantasy owner, i wish he scores 50 every game.
  6. i rather choose Mcgee, 3games in first 4days in Week3
  7. i am worried, not worry the playing time, it is about the usage, seems they dont use him attack the basket, normally just use him at high post for a pick, then hand-off back to guards, the guards play too many iso, and took jump shot after the pick, they should use Nurkic to score few easy baskets...
  8. if trade to another team, i will consider him.
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