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  1. Agreed. Lowry is a buy low ...Lowry has a better history of performing compared to Rjax
  2. you definitely do that. There's more consistency and defined role for Dragic. Warren gives pts and good fg...Dragic is no slouch in that area either.
  3. Holiday...your team has the potential to be a good FG team...Holiday destroys that.
  4. Agree with above..it's fair but you're losing too much on volume.
  5. I would keep CJ ...Covington runs hot and cold...Wiggins is trash esp with Butler upping his shots...or so he says. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/683301-whir-two-trades-were-vetoed/
  6. So i'm about to quit this money league cause the managers love vetoing trades and send bull**** offers. Part of my love for fantasy basketball is the trading. First Deal: My Towns/Mike James for Griffin/Lillard Second Deal: My Conley for Paul (This was a day or two before we got news about Paul being back in a week) What's wrong with either of these deals? 9 cat standard
  7. To give further context. The other owner has AD so he was eager to pair AD with Towns to anchor a few cats. The Bledsoe trade solidified Mike James' position at starting PG so that sealed the deal for me. Unfortunately, the league felt that James is a nobody, unproven. My feeling with this league is that the majority of the managers have only played 8 team/10 team leagues.
  8. I would take that deal. Payton has upside with Orlando's uptempo offence. PG13 tends to fade towards the 2nd half of the season
  9. 9 cat standard. This got vetoed in my league and I wanted to get the general public's take on this.
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