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  1. just s---y I'm always rooting for my fellow Canadian
  2. all these struggles and I'm still on top, really shows the more you play this game the better you get. My advice to amateurs is don't get too attached to your players if there's an opportunity to jump on something that will be better ROS do it. GL but I'm going into the playoffs #1 seed and we'll see what happens wish me luck got a lot of money on the line!
  3. what a sleeper, MN is sold on him too with them going nowhere he getting all the mins.
  4. yeah can't drop now upside too good with Hayward out the playoffs
  5. if he's questionable for saturday he's for sure not playing the b2b just a heads up
  6. giving him this last b2b then making a decision
  7. Yeah I'm gonna say foul trouble in this one, although with more talent on the floor it's never a good thing but Plumlee usually has 2 game duds for every 5-6 games I would see how he looks rest of the week and then make a decision. I need someone to cut anyways so I'm not too worried.
  8. hip injuries are never a good thing and we all know Zo isn't that durable.
  9. bruh your not gonna find a lot of 1/1/1 players with center eligibility grab PJ asap. Poole is just temporary offense until Curry is back.
  10. Wendell highest upside ROS on a rebuilding Magics team, Plumlee's a keeper, LA probably just gonna have to wait and see but if I were to choose who to cut for a streamer spot it'd be LA. But I'd wait and see what happens depends if your fighting for a playoff spot or not if you need these last weeks wins then LA is the cut.
  11. None, if that were your only options I'd keep both and let Hunter sit in IR and wait and see what happens ROS. Especially since his ROS outlook ain't looking too good with the offensive firepower they have already and Lou's in town now too. Looking at your roster I would value blks over what Hunter can give you. GL
  12. feel pretty good, worst thing that can happen is a shut down just make sure you pick up stewart if that's the case.
  13. Barnes mins are just to good ROS despite lack of stocks, he's an all around player that just isn't great at anything. I'd drop White, with how Pop plays his guys.
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