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  1. My WR options in my .5 PPR championship(currently own blue highlighted)... Playing for $600, so im stressing. I know others play for much more, but its a good amount for me. How I got here with this crap? I guess fantasy gods were with me this year. Pick 2... RK WSIS PLAYER NAME OPP MATCHUP RATING START/SIT PROJ. FPTS AVG. POINTS (?) % GAMES (?) OPPORTUNITY (?) EFFICIENCY (?) 31 Marquise Brown (BAL)
  2. Have this I need one owner to join and pay ASAP. Drafts is on 2 hours at 730 CST so need someone within the next hour. Lmk
  3. League is full now. I'm sure i'll have some who doesn't pay by the day before draft deadline though, and i'm not shy about booting for non payment. Nothing worse than having to delay a draft because someone neglected to pay. I'll hit those who didnt get an invite up if that's the case.
  4. Strange you couldn't view, have it set to viewable by public. But yeah, 1 IR spot. Invite sent
  5. 9, standard + TO's. Should be able to view in link to league settings. Let me if you want an invite
  6. Just resent it. Check and let me know. Make sure your checking all your gmail inboxes too but I had the address right the first time. Thanks
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