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  1. I think the top 3 are close. Hanley's injury history and possible platoon him make him 4. I'd go Bird, LoMo, Olson. Bird is in the best lineup. LoMo has always had solid OBP. Olsen is in the worst lineup and K's a bit too much.
  2. Looks like you're built to win this year, I'd go JV and Pham (i think he's a legit 280 20/20 guy
  3. 12 TEAM H2H 14 CATS (Extra cats are TB / OBP--------Loses QS) Decided to punt saves since there are so many cats. How can I improved? Leave a link C- R Martin 1B - Votto 2B - Dozier 3B - Devers SS - Correa CI - Desmond MI - A Russell OF - Marte OF - Margot OF - Mazara OF - Garner OF - Od Herrera DH - Lo Morrison UTI - Happ B - D Peralta B - D. Fisher P - Severino P - Nola P - Quintana P - Godley P - Richards P - Taillion P - Cobb P - Maeda P - Lamet P - Dev
  4. Don't know how many WR you start per week but I'd lean toward EE if you know you're not gonna use DA. Could take Olsen a couple of weeks to get going
  5. I'd go Burkhead. He seems to be the preferred GL back for NE right now. Don't see DJ coming back this year for a bad team
  6. I'm in 1st place in both of my leagues and will have a bye into week 15. So if I win week 15 I'm in the finals (in the money). I've got Hopkins vs JAX in one league and Gurley vs SEA in another league. Do I trade these studs for slightly lesser players with better match-ups in week 15? EXAMPLE Gurley vs SEA for Bell vs NE Hopkins vs JAX for Fitz vs WASH, M. Thomas vs NYJ
  7. I like Tyreke in his current role but you really needed the assists
  8. I'm selling high So JJ, Lauri, and Reke are my players...
  9. Do CJ and Kanter... If you start with D-Lo he may not respond to further offers
  10. I would. Don't think Marv has a ton of value, especially when MKG and Batum are up to full speed. Even if FN is a dud you can pick up someone in FA thats = or > Marv
  11. Be hard for me to drop Sabonis... try to do a 2 for 1 with Sabonis while his value is at its highest (Turner returning)
  12. Hard to give up the best player but I think I'd take the 2 in a 14 teamer. Crowder, Noel, and Wily are hurting you right now and Dray could stuff the stat sheet
  13. Green or Marv depending on what cat you need the most... Green loses value when KL returns and Marv the same when MKG returns
  14. I have the same problem. I always fall in love with my guys and hate to drop them, but you've gotta stream to compete. Just try to drop a player without a ton of hype so that maybe he'll fall through waivers and you can pick him back up.
  15. Durant...I figure in a 10 teamer you could pick up a FA to outproduce what you're giving up http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/682127-sell-high-candidates-whir/
  16. 12 TEAM H2H 10 Cat (DD) I've gotten off to a good start and am thinking of selling high on a few guys. Below are trades I could offer but I'm not sure if it actually improves my team. Elfrid could have hammy issues for a long time and Tyreke is doing really well in Memphis. Millsap is aging and in a new system while Lauri is the only true scorer on the Bulls,,, Harris is a better player but JJ really helps in the 3 CAT. Am I over-thinking or should I not put so much trust in the first 3 weeks of the season and take the "better player"? THANKS AND LEAVE A LINK Tyreke Ev
  17. I'd start with Love and Dedmon b/c I think Ded has the least upside of Noel, Brown, and Favors.
  18. This is a very good team. The only thing I may do is sell out and punt FT% and sell Middleton
  19. It's close but like the 3 for one in a 14 team league. I assume kanter is much better than your worst player
  20. I'd drop THJr for Batum if you're confident you can compete with 2 dead spots for awhile. Once they both get back you've got a couple of stat stuffers.
  21. 12 Team H2H Cats (10) - DD is a cat. Thinking of selling high on Lauri. He's got 2 DDs in 4 games. I don't know if he can keep up the high reb totals and his FG% may be around .425 bc he takes so many 3's. He also doesn't provide any peripheral stats. Plus could lose some minutes when Mirotic and Portis come back. What are some good trade targets?
  22. I'd ask for more on Dwight. Brogdon is the least I'd take but I'd fish for better options first.
  23. I concur. I think the upside of Chriss and Prince is too high to drop them this early
  24. 12 Team H2H Categories (PTS/REB/ASST/ST/BLK/3PT/FG%/FT%/TO/DD) PG Westbrook (1st overall pick) SG Redick 8 SF Tob Harris 6 PF Porzingas 2 C Vucevic 5 G Lowry 3 F Aldridge 4 UTI M. Chriss 7 UTI Noel 9 UTI A Gordon 10 UTI Hield 11 BENCH MKG 12, T Evans 13 , Portis 14 , Dedmon 15 I think I'm a little low on assists and 3PM. Thinking of trading Aldridge for J Teague. My only hesitation is Teague being the 4th option in Minn. Even if Teague goes from 15pt to 12pt a night would my team still benefit?
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