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  1. AFC West would be looking mighty stacked if LV landed Wilson, and DEN landed Watson...
  2. He was on Denver’s roster. Denver released him once Lock was healthy.
  3. My buddy needs 7 more points from Tucker to make it to the ship. He’s sweating.
  4. Looks like the Gus Bus is back on the road! Ingram and Dobbins are not expected to play.
  5. Is the Gus bus dead now? Since it’s very well possible Dobbins and Ingram play now.
  6. But the points won’t count for week 12 though right?
  7. Let’s say the game is played. How do you feel?
  8. Start Fournette and RoJo goes off. Start RoJo and Fournette doesn’t go off, but gets majority snaps. I hate myself for owning these two players.
  9. Anyone think the Colts defense was a nice steal? Only had to start one other defense due to their bye.
  10. My RB position is a wasteland. Thinking about starting him this week. How do you guys feel about him?
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