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  1. Brutal, anyone actually watching the games? Surprised that Levert would cause such a steep dropoff, especially because TJ used to do decently in limited minutes. Temporary thing as they figure out how to work together? Or is Levert that big of a ballhog where there's no chance for our man now
  2. No way a Jokic owner would accept that. Jokic is far and away the best fantasy player now, so any deal that doesn't even include a first rounder doesn't approach him.
  3. If you need steals I think this is a good move. Nance is godly at steals and White is no defensive slouch either. If you're good with sacrificing scoring, 3's, and FT% for the steals (plus probably a slight boost in assists and rebounds), then I'd do this trade.
  4. 10T 9-cat, punt points and 3's build. Thinking of offering AD + Bam + Sexton for Jokic + Jarrett Allen. Part of this is needing to offload AD for a playoff push and get rid of Sexton, since he's pretty bad for my build. Plus consolidating some talent since otherwise I might have to drop PJ Washington to have AD/Nurk come back off my IR. Am I paying too much though? Bam and AD are 2 first rounders basically, while Allen maybe will see a dip with Love and Nance returning. Jokic is obviously a god though, and perfect for punt 3's. WHIR!
  5. 10T 9-cat H2H, punting points and 3's. Really trying to offload Sexton because he adds very little to my team's build given most of his value is in points, and he is terrible for TOs. Interested in trading for Allen who has been excellent, but wondering if I'm paying too much. I'm also keen on consolidating talent since in a 10T there's a lot of good stuff on the wire, and I have AD, Nurk, and White on my IR. Willing to overpay a bit for that option as well, but is this too much? Plus I'm worried with Love and Nance's return whether or not Allen will take a hit. Thoughts? WHIR!
  6. Pretty different players so depends on what you need. Capela obviously insane for FG %, Reb, Blocks and good TO, but hurts you a good amount in FT %. Derozan has better scoring, assists, and FT % with ok rebounds and steals. If you need guard stats more go DD, otherwise go Capela
  7. Sustainable? Or sell high? Obviously not asking if 40+ is sustainable, but this past week he's been really efficient with good stocks.
  8. Thanks for the help everyone! Seems pretty clear I should make this offer. My only concern was that there isn't a clear timetable for Jrue's return, but I imagine it should be a lot sooner.
  9. With AD injury news, and me currently being out of the playoff picture, I feel like I need to move him if I even hope to make it to the playoffs. I'm punting 3's and points so Holiday and Allen are actually both really good for that build, plus I'm hoping Allen is going to go off once Drummond is moved. Sexton's value is mostly in points so don't think I'm losing as much there. Am I giving up too much regardless? AD is a huge name but I feel like he's been pretty subpar this year and I'm doubtful he'll somehow flip a switch when he gets back vs. resting up for playoffs. Any thoughts? If I'm gi
  10. Dude is becoming Deandre Jordan on offense, literally doesn't take a shot unless it's lobbed to him next to the rim. So frustrating. And so ******** beta when it comes to rebounds.
  11. Super solid team. Burks and Batum probably your worst, but would keep them over who's on the wire (if Burks continues to suck maybe swap him out for Lamb or something). If I were you I'd try to do some 2 for 1 trades to consolidate talent and open up a spot for streaming / injuries coming back (although Nurk will be awhile).
  12. Thinking about offering Ayton in a 10T, 9-cat. Usually don't like going 2 in a 2 for 1, but thought this could help my team out. Ayton had a slow start and seems to be breaking out, while MPJ started really strong but is still a big unknown. Will I regret this trade if Ayton lives up to his potential? Can Jrue and MPJ keep their performance up? WHIR!
  13. Thinking of offering Oubre + Nance for Richaun Holmes. I'm in a 9-Cat 10T league with people like Lamb, Zeller, Rose, Bazley on the wire. I'm punting 3's and assists. I'm a fan of 2 for 1's in shallow leagues, but worried I'm overpaying. Part of the thinking is also selling high on Nance in case Love comes back. Oubre has just started to pick up though and now I'm a little worried he'll break out. Holmes is a stud and fits my perfectly, although my concern is I'm giving up a ton of steals here. Am I overpaying here? WHIR!
  14. What the f--- is going on? This has got to be a candidate, along with Whiteside, for biggest drop off for a player. Can't believe I drafted him over Vuc. Is there any hope for recovery? Feels like they're just not using him at all. So frustrating. I drafted this guy, Cov, and Oubre. Basically I'm the worst drafter of all time.
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