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  1. Cavs send Brandon Knight, John Henson and a 2nd-round pick to Detroit for Andre Drummond.
  2. It's all about context and so many variables involved. I have made similar moves before that just wouldn't make sense in most other circumstances. I always considered the team's position and their team composition when I make those offers too. You don't want to make another team that's strong already and facing you in the playoffs who could use gobert's games cuz his team doesn't have a messy schedule. Having said all this. I understand your logic and great job.
  3. This. This is exactly why he got injured. 🙄
  4. H2H, 14 teams, 9 cat PG: Kyrie, Dragic SG: Beal, Danny Green, Huerter, Redick SF: Wiggins, Fournier PF: Barnes, Warren C : Capela, JJJ, JVal I am almost certain I'll be punting blocks, but Capela gives me a better FG that I can possibly win some weeks. My 3s are excellent, but pretty weak in 3s, steals. I don't think I can win the league if I don't make changes. Should I offload 3s specialists for more assists/blk/steals specialists? Side Note: This league has more than 6 teams with below average FT shooters, so I figured I can still win FT even with Capela against most
  5. 9 Cat H2H 14 teams Capela and kyrie has great FG but the rest of my team are alright in FT. Will capela destroy my team's FT? Which side would you pick?
  6. My injury streak continues: Dipo, AD, G harris, booker, butler, teague, levert, WCJ, I'm at very bottom of standings. i'm going on autopilot now.
  7. Lost the season cuz of stuff like this. AD, Butler, G Harris, Booker, Ola, Teague... God damn it.
  8. Any chance he gets traded to a contender? He won't be getting any rests then.
  9. aaaaaand we're seeing just about as much of Channing frye as well.
  10. Who are these Rotoworld blurb writers? It's hard to read these lol
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