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  1. 8 team 9 cat H2h should I add one of: kevin Porter Jr Lamarcus Aldridge wendell carter Jr malik beasley anthony edwards And who would be my drop? current team: VanVleet, Simmons, Morant, Graham, Lamelo (IR) Jaylen Brown, Mitchell, Wiggins Tatum, Levert Giannis, Harrell Allen, Moses Brown
  2. I think you misunderstood, I would be getting Wiggins.
  3. Keep Siakam. I feel like he is as close to his floor as Sexton is to his ceiling.
  4. 8 team 9cat H2H got offered Wiggins for my Jarrett Allen. Should I make this trade even though I also have Drummond? team: Mitchell, vanVleet, Simmons, Lamelo J.Brown, Beasley Tatum (IR), Oubre Jr., T.Harris Giannis, Markkanen, Harrell Drummond, Allen
  5. Lamelo Ball is sitting on waivers and I‘m unsure if I should grab him. Current team (9cat H2H, punting FT) PG: Vanvleet, D.Murray SG: D.Mitchell, J.Brown, D.Brooks, M.Beasley SF: Tatum, Oubre Jr, Bazley, T.Harris PF: Giannis C: Drummond, Wiseman
  6. Seems like he unfollowed all other Spurs players and the organisation on IG. Trade incoming?
  7. CSB but I managed to deal him together with Jabari Parker for an injured Myles Turner. Couldn‘t be happier.
  8. I‘d drop him for House. Trank you for your help.
  9. My Team: Harden, Doncic, SGA, Murray, VanVleet, Rozier Jaylen Brown, Anunoby, Bogdanovic (SAC) Jokic, Capela, Turner, Adebayo,
  10. 9 cat roto my Jokic, Doncic, Murray his Lillard, Beal, Hayward thoughts?
  11. 9 cat roto my Jokic, Doncic, Murray his Lillard, Beal, Hayward thoughts?
  12. But in a shallow league I always prefer the best player in a 2 for 1. Smart, Bridges, Clarke, Lonzo all sitting on waivers.
  13. I would definitely take Lauri. He will turn it around and be a stud in future years.
  14. 9 cat 8 team roto got offered Drummond for my Capela + SGA or VanVleet. Who would you rather give away, SGA or Fred? team: Doncic, SGA, VanVleet, Murray Harden, Brown Anunoby, Warren, Bogdanovic (SAC) Jokic, Turner, Adebayo, Capela
  15. Got offered Jrue Holiday for my SGA. Thoughts? Any counter offers? 8 team 9 cat roto Harden, Doncic, SGA, Ball, VanVleet Bridges, Anunoby, Brown Jokic, Capela, Adebayo, JJJ, WCJ
  16. 8 Team 9 cat roto do i have a drop for PJ Washington? Harden, Doncic, SGA, VanVleet, Ball Porter, Miles Bridges, J.Brown Jokic, JJJ, Adebayo, Capela, WCJ
  17. Got the 4th pick and aiming for KAT/Giannis. Have no idea who I should draft in the second round (8 team, 9 cat), assuming Kyrie, Beal and Kawhi are gone by then. Would you take one of Butler, Gobert, Ayton or even aim for Doncic at #13?
  18. Washington trades Oubre and Rivers for Ariza to Phoenix. Oubre Must-add?
  19. Made the following trades: Beal for my Tobias Harris. Collins for my Kanter. Wendell + Allen for my Tatum. Levert for my Allen.
  20. Unfortunately I benched him the last two games. Was so upset that I just traded him away for Collins.
  21. Just traded him away for Tatum. Guess I should be happy.
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