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  1. Davis owners actually thinking CMC is a systems rb. Cmc is a stud and a top 2 guy. His skills are unmatched and you saw that today
  2. Man if ekeler was healthy, he wouldve been a type 3 back with Herbert
  3. 2 targets a game since the injury is tough to do anything with
  4. Do you guys think he takes over the job? Or he's just a couple week rental?
  5. It's week 7, they are all banged up injured
  6. How is JJ only projected 5.70 points in yahoo
  7. Justin Jefferson can atleast stay on the field. DJ has had calf issue, concussion, and back issue. We're still only in week 7
  8. Claypool is the number 1 now and long run. He looks the part and he actually stays on the field. Can't say that about Dj
  9. Jackson is the better runner and has the trust of his coaches. The last drives of the game, there was no Kelly in sight
  10. This guy has Big Ben throwing to him. That's a major plus in itself
  11. He has the size of Hines Ward and speed of Odell. I'm all aboard this train, except this train will last for years to come!
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