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  1. I think we need to stop overthinking this. Sanders may play, but could also be used sparingly and as a low key decoy. Jimmy G is getting comfortable with Deebo now. At this point, it's his most durable target too.
  2. Benching JuJu. Good luck to anyone starting him, I just can't take the chance watching this dumpster fire game.
  3. Well, it was looking like he was with a calf strain. But as of 2 hours ago he just addressed the media and said he is going to play through it. Still doesn't scare me, Patrick Peterson is highly overrated. It Deebo ****s the bed this weekend, it won't be because of Peterson.
  4. I am putting alot of stock in Deebo this weekend. I normally don't ever pick the same player in all 3 leagues, but I managed to pick Adam Thielen as the guy this year. So replacing with Deebo in all 3 too. Don't let me down Deebooooo.
  5. [...] I have a feeling Freeman is going to miss significant time if not get shut down for the year. Is this going to be the guy?
  6. I just have this feeling they are going into a full blown timeshare with CJA, JD, and Ty.
  7. Is Ty Johnson now worth the #1 waiver wire add?
  8. I feel like I'm going to save it as well. I just have this gut that if I burned it, someone pretty nutty is going to end up going down next weekend and I will be kicking myself.
  9. Kittle/Hopkins for Jones? That sounds like a 0-3 team making a side bet.
  10. Honestly, I think I might start Burkhead over Michel. This game is going to get out of hand quick......why would they risk running Michel all game?
  11. This was/is my play. I am in big trouble with my RB's even though I squeaked a win. Breida just isn't durable and I need to hit on the Mostert/Wilson wagon after flopping miserably on my RB draft . As others have said, Mostert looked excellent until that nasty arm break. I just have to keep playing these type of adds and grind.
  12. I'm playing him with confidence in 2 leagues.
  13. How are we feeling about Cohen tonight boys? I am rolling him out in my flex. With Jordan Howard gone, I think we will have alot of opportunities here no?
  14. Hopefully the Redskins D is nasty this year. Guice's only con is going to be gameflow. If the Redskins drop early by 10-14pts, Guice could be limited by use. Otherwise he looked like a beast and could feed.
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